Friday, June 19, 2015

Inspirational Snippet: Thoughts on Charleston Shootings

Good Morning Everyone and Happy Friday! 

I woke up this morning and jumped on my computer to look at emails and the first thing I saw was what recently  happened in Charleston, S.C. the other day where people were killed in a church. (I don't have television/radio--really no mainstream media of any sort--yep I live on the vibes that thrive inside of me and from lovely like-minded spirits that share with me.)    I used to think that when things like this happened (several times in the past and no one seemed to care) that we are a country that has supposedly come so far and yet, it doesn't appear that anything has changed and it would make me angry.  I'd feel so fired up inside and I'd want to change things, and then, I would find more walls and people who didn't really care because it didn't directly impact them and, it got me more angry:  Angry at the people who caused harm, angry at the situation and angry for no one stepping up to change it.  In the last several years, I have seen a ton of prejudice and bias every day of my life and I can choose to be angry/resentful/spiteful about it, and many times I did experience great anger, but it got me nowhere except fueled more anger and frustration. It doesn't change the situation/circumstance, instead, it really keeps the person holding those feelings stuck in a loop of drama/pain/suffering etc.  It just keeps us stuck--what we experience and feel affects us all.

I know I have a choice to look beyond the 3D reality and shift my perspective.  In this 3D reality that I live in day to day on Earth, in America, it is riddled with hateful things/anger/violence/abuse/suffering etc. That is why I have chosen to "unplug" from the mainstream a long time ago.  I learned in the last several years that  I must overcome all the things that keep people stuck and not evolving because if we all jump into the drama and suffering nothing will change.  Now, it doesn't mean we don't take a stand and speak our truth--no, instead,  it means we STAND TOGETHER AS ONE AND SPEAK OUR TRUTH. These people causing the pain/violence/harm are simply pawns in a greater picture to create separation within us.  WE are evolving as a planet and as humanity, but there are those that will not benefit from our evolution so they amplify/expand/magnify the separation/outrage through FEAR.   The first thing people think of is a "War on Poverty, War on Terrorism, War on Racisim--why war?  Well, war signifies manipulation/control and FEAR.  It is a violent way to "get things done"...

Well my beloved beings of light--WE ARE LIGHT! WE ARE LOVE!  We have been/are being re-educated through our soul's wisdom to step into our power, our oneness and our essence which is love.  It is our time to declare not War on Racisim--it is time to declare LOVE ON SEPARATION, RIDE ON THE PEACE TRAIN.  This quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. "Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.."  is exactly what I talking about!!

You may be thinking what can I do?  What is it that I, as one person, an individual can do to make a difference--it is really much easier than you think.  When something transpires that gets you angry/grief stricken-- Stop for a moment to understand your reaction, then ask yourself will this reaction take me to what I know as truth within my soul?  Then ask, will this reaction bring peace upon my planet, my country, my life and/or the people who have been harmed?  This should help you shift your perspective back into your heart and out of a fear reaction.  This should help you send love to the area/situation/circumstance.  How? Think of something/someone you love and hold that feeling in your heart and use that love you feel and send it out to that area/situation/circumstance, and you know what happens then?  Your own heart expands with a greater love coming back into you because LOVE BEGETS LOVE!

If your soul is still yearning to do more, and for many of you, it will...then find like-minded spirits that are willing to stand with you as you speak your truth and take a ride on the PEACE TRAIN.  I am sharing a favorite song of mine from the 1970's, this is a newer version with a great video...check it out below. These musicians of the 1960's/70's had the music and their frequency was turned onto peace and love, but unfortunately their message well--it appears as if it got lost in translation or the channel was changed--now is the time to listen to them!!

My wish for you is to STAND IN YOUR LOVE, SPEAK YOUR LOVE AND RIDE ON THE PEACE TRAIN.  For if you do this, you will see how rapidly humanity will grow/evolve/expand beyond the limits and controls that have been holding us back.  You will also see the truth of what is really out there in the stars!

In love with humanity,
EstaRa April

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  1. Well stated! Whenever people wonder what they can do, it makes me think of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" song.