Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Inspirational Snippet: Open Your Heart

Good Day Beloveds, 
 I feel so much love surrounding me and so much love within me to spread around the globe.  I came across this quote and wanted to share it as a bit of inspiration to you today.

“As one can see when the eyes are open, so one can understand when the heart is open.”--Hazrat Inayat Khan The Bowl of Saki

This makes beautiful sense to me, does it to you?  I know the first part of the quote speaks to us in terms of seeing what is.  Often we choose to see what we want to see and many times it is a narrow focus, or more often, we choose to be in denial of what is rather than how we would like to perceive things.  Many times we live in denial of what is which leaves us little room to change it.  When our eyes are open, willing to see, we can change everything.

The second part is perhaps a little harder to comprehend so I am going to try and help you through it.  How many times do we use the phrase “I don’t know” to describe our situation to someone, to respond to what we are feeling or what we say to ourselves when we can’t figure it out?  Do we do that because we sincerely do not know?  If that is the case, then our heart is not really open because when our heart is open we always know loud and clear what it is we know.  My feeling is that we all have our hearts open enough to know what it is we know. (some more than others)   I think we tend to use that phrase to go into denial of what it is we know?  I know I have been guilty from time to time in using that phrase.  I even used to joke and say that I learned how to say it in every language when I was younger.  Interesting, I didn’t learn how to say it in Arabic when I was in Egypt, nor in Hebrew as I am studying that right now. It is almost an immediate response in our society.  It gives us permission to stop feeling—but in stopping the feeling we don’t get to feel all of our feelings and hence it closes our hearts.   The next time you are inclined to say “I don’t know”  take a moment before responding and check in with your heart to “feel” what it is you do know.  Give yourself permission to know.  It may not be something you share or it may be.  Either way,  honor your heart by listening to it. That is the gift of having our heart open.  That is the way to more understanding and transformation in your life.  Simply put, that is how you open your heart. 

If you are wanting to open your heart a little more--expanding your heart to receive all the love that is out there for you, here is a video of a channel I did with a healing for the heart chakra. It is only 8 minutes long, but it is a walloping of energy.  As I type this I feel each of you having heart energy that needs some releasing and breath.  Please go ahead and give yourself the gift of 10 minutes of your day to you.   By the way, if you are a twinflame and want to connect with your twin whether you know them in the physical or spiritual way this will open your heart to manifesting here in the physical. 

My wish for you today is that you open your heart.   

Love, EstaRa 

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