Monday, May 18, 2015

Energy Thoughts: Your Soul's Truth

Hello Fellow Beings of Light,

Oh boy, we have been through the ringer the last few months and then some=, haven't we?  Did you feel the energy shift into an upswing with the advent of May?  Life seemed to get a bit better (read: more bearable) and the energy a little lighter (read: or is it that we are embodying more light) and the waves of light hitting our planet are not as harsh (the waves are the same and even stronger) as they once were?  We have been upgraded and it is reflected in the light quotient that our body is able to hold.  I definitely feel that is the likely
reason it doesn't feel as harsh.  With that being said, we are entering Mercury Retrograde today and it is in the vibration of the new moon too!

If you notice over the last few days in preparation for this Mercury Retrograde, the energy of confusion has begun to set in, but not without the feeling of change pervading your every waking thought.  This energy is powerful and kick-ass.  It is all about transformation, get ready because this Mercury Retrograde will toss you forward on the highway of life and you will have to be at full speed to not miss your ride.  Watch as people from the past come in and try to hitch a ride with you or to derail you.  Will they hitch a ride, skip the ride or slow you down?  This energy will welcome much discernment on your part.  I feel you will be tried and tested during this time not only in communication and electronics (which always seems to be a thing to watch out for during this retrograde), but with regard to relationships, long-term goals and even short term goals.  Where do you see yourself on this path?  Do you find that you are clear about what it is you wish to attain or do you find yourself getting clouded over by old things that you thought were once gone and have re-surfaced again?  The universe always provides us with an opportunity to clear and remove things during this time.

I woke up this morning with a bit of a haze and wanting to sleep in and snuggle up with my pillow a little longer. The sky was cloudy with a little sun peeking through--quite symbolic of this energy.  Cloudy with a side of clarity?  For me,  I feel more of the longing to be with my love, my twinflame, my beautiful soul that is my other half--it has been awhile since I have felt this longing, but not a longing out of desperation, more of a longing to be basking in that love and that I so remember at the core of my soul.   He is yet to extricate himself from his situations and still, it is without a doubt that I hold his love in my heart and he holds mine in his.  The clarity is there--now to penetrate the clouds with more clarity.

What are you experiencing at this time?  Are there truths that are known to you that perhaps you have allowed life's day to day responsibilities to get in the way of?  Are there truths that maybe you have allowed another's perceptions to sway you to overlook your truths?  Are you afraid that  the truth may change the very way you live your human life? I'm not talking the truth of the grass is green and the sky is blue--I'm talking down to the core truths, soul truths, the reason that you are here on the planet at this time truths.  Do you not remember your soul's mission?  Each of us on this planet at this time have chosen to incarnate to carry out the mission of helping Gaia and all her inhabitants evolve in consciousness.   That means the longer we refuse to listen to the promptings of our soul or even give our soul the time to "speak" then the longer we linger in the ick of life, and the longer it will take humanity to go through this evolutionary period.  Humanity has been cloaked in fear/darkness for far too long, and has not been free to really live without the programming of the darker entities and beings on this planet.

As of last September Equniox, I mentioned in one of my posts that the LIGHT has overcome the darkness--a shift has happened.   Now, we are experiencing the fall out effects of the Light penetrating into the darker areas.  For example have you noticed the rise of earthquake and volcanic activity in recent months? It is a physical representation of what is going on inside of each and every one of us, every physical geographic location on the planet and all of our systems socially, locally and globally.  We are being
prompted by our soul to shake free from the "chains of the past" whether it be from traditions, beliefs, obligations, relationships, careers, geographic locations, etc.  Some people are doing it explosively, while others it may take an "explosion" of sorts for real change to occur. How do you avoid the fallout you ask? 
You can't, but you can "weather" it just fine if you focus on your soul and use love as the great motivator; for loving yourself will free you from many things that are not yours. Much has been implanted into humanity by way of beliefs/truths/struggles.  We are not meant to struggle here upon the earth and yet, it has become an accepted part of reality for many to experience or watch as others struggle.  This is not a truth of the light--it is a truth of enslavement to fear/dark/control/manipulation.   It is time to take seriously the nudgings of your soul because I promise you as time moves forward as it always does (but this time with lightning speed) the nudgings will become much more than a nudge from your soul. While you are in this Mercury Retrograde over the next several weeks allow your soul's truth to be louder than anything else.  In some instances your soul will prompt you to change/leave/renew/recreate/reestablish/transform, there is no need to fear what will become of family/friends/loved ones if we listen to the truth of our soul because once our soul has been heard and followed, then all those around us will not only begin to listen to their souls too, but we will have fulfilled our soul contracts with them.  What a concept and a thought, huh?  To think that leaving a relationship may actually mean fulfilling your soul contract.  If you haven't been listening to your soul then you do not yet know what your soul contract is with those around you.  Pay attention dear ones, you may be trying to avert the truth of your current relationship to forgo the pain, when in the wings awaits your soul's love, soul's flame, your soul's other half.  The time is now for reunions to commence....and so they are.

New Moon is here prompting us to make those transitions we have been wanting to, but remember that Mercury Retrograde is here too.  Yes, Mercury Retrograde messes with us a little especially if we are not staying in our soul's truth and staying in our power.  Power is not about external things or control--it is simply knowing your light, knowing your boundaries and maintaining your truth.   

I will leave you with those words as I  could go on and write more, but I'd like to get this out now today. So I wish you all a beautiful experience in the coming weeks and the be-coming of you.  I am here if you need support during this time or any other time, via in-person, phone of skype for individual sessions.

Love and Blessings,

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