Friday, April 17, 2015

Energy Thoughts: Are You Invested in the New Energy?

Hello Everyone,

Wow the last couple of weeks have been a massive shift in the energy.  I can't believe how different I feel and appear. I even had my hair cut (like really cut) for the first time in five years with the red highlights I've been desiring for some time.  About 10-12 inches were cut off...but I still have hair on my head and I love it.  I mean I really love the change--it is almost like capping off all the dramatic changes I have made over the last several weeks (read: years, but particularly this last Eclipse Season catapulted me further forward).  Have you notice equivalent changes in you, your life, the people around you?  Does the world look different to you?  Oh boy, I can see the difference so vividly (read: separation in ideals).  If you have, you are not alone. If you haven't then that means you need a little more retreat time away from technology, television and
mainstream life.  Take a technology break and spend some time alone and in nature.  I promise if you do, realizations will pop up for you left and right.  The unfortunate thing with this time on our planet (particularly in America) there are far too many distractions being pumped out, by the darker vibes on the planet through media, business, government to name a few.  Those distractions pull us away from the core of who we are, why we are here and what our mission is.

What does the world looking different to all of us mean? It means we are now walking on two earths!  Yes, the separation has begun and the reunion has begun. What?  How can that be?  I will let my beautiful Starbeing brothers and sisters explain.

In 1986, humanity gathered together in a higher dimension and made the decision to move forward with the earth's transition.  In essence, the Earth's transition was never performed in such a way that humans remained in physical bodies on her as she transformed and changed into a higher vibrational frequency. This has always occurred with a very clear end for humans and a very clear beginning. (Simply put the raise in human consciousness usually occurs after a life-death earth cycle. You ultimately would come back in with a higher frequency while the earth raised its vibration when you were in your "plane of transition". Instead, we have chosen to undergo this change while still being incarnated.)  This was known as the Harmonic Convergence.  Many have channeled this information to you, for they have been preparing all of you for what was to come, for this time on the planet.  With the advent of the Harmonic Convergence, we, the Galactic Federation of Light, have gathered together to assist you beautiful humans with your mission of transformation.  We knew it would not be easy for so many of you because there were, and are, powers in place that are resistant to the changes that would occur.  At this time, we began much more contact with humans that were ready and already in their period of  growth and expansion.  We have been providing information to humanity for thousands of years in different ways; however, it wasn't until now that you are all gaining clarity that much assistance came to you from us, the beings of light or as EstaRa likes to call us Aliens. (They are laughing! Alien by definition describes not belonging to the physical, geographical location. But rest assured, they belong because they are part of us.) Thank you EstaRa for that explanation, for some of your earth beings will not comprehend this as easily as you have. Best to address them with humor.  Our mission is to provide you information, guidance and assistance to make your journey upon the earth most beneficial for you, her (Mother Earth) and all inhabitants upon the planet as you undergo transformation.  We wish to impart much wisdom to you, for we know that only then will you see the picture greater than your human day to day lives. Over the last 29 earth years, we have been assisting our ground crew (those are the members of the Star Nations who have volunteered to incarnate physically on this planet--and yep that likely includes you, the one reading this!) in anchoring and activating the light grids that run through the physical and auric fields of the Earth.  She has been ready to undergo that change since that time; however, it was necessary for humanity to make shifts in their consciousness and many of you have done so willingly.  There are some that were prompted by personal traumas (serious illness, accidents, loss, etc.) that assisted you in removing yourself from places, situations and relationships that were not conducive to your growth and expansion as a soul.  You have all chosen to be here at this time on the planet for it is what we honor most about each of you. You were given this opportunity for you knew you would be enmeshed in human drama, pain and suffering, but you knew you could pull out and do it differently than those before you.   Several years later, many of you began to anchor the new earth template. The final anchoring occurred around 2012 and 2013. EstaRa appreciates our not giving exact dates as she is well aware that our timelines are different than your timelines because from where we are time is inconsequential.   The earth has been over-layed with a new earth. (This is the layering of the new earth over the old earth.; the multidimensional earth that I often speak of.)     This over-lay has been in place to accommodate all levels of human ascension. It is a temporary anchoring while the transition of dimensions occurs.  That information will shall save for another channel.  This over-lay is allowing humans to be drawn to like-minded individuals, it is allowing for humans to completely change the direction they are going in and remember who they are, or as we like to say, an opportunity to reinvent themselves.  This is a temporary situation with two templates. (Temporary by our human standards, but there are still some years to go.)  There will come a time when this over-lay will no longer exist as it has been anchored to be, instead there will be a type of separation within humanity over the next several years.  We have urged you to remember who you are for that is the deciding factor onto which earth energy you are closely connected to and which template you are drawn to.  Within this separation will be greater opportunity for connection and unity to like-minded indivudials.    It will allow humanity to bring together balance, truth and harmony.  But first, humanity must find where their energy is amplified and expanded. We wish you to know that we do understand that these are difficult times for humanity and it will not let up just yet, but we have provided tools through EstaRa and many other teachers over the years, and will continue to do so; that will greatly benefit you moving through the transformation of your planet. There is a time we see that humanity will revel at all they have accomplished looking back over this time period. We wish for you to appreciate what you do every day even if you do not feel or realize what a powerful being you are, we ask you to accept and know how you live directly impacts how the others in your world lives.  Each decision that you make brings you closer to the template of the earth that is more in alignment with your place in ascension.   We love honor and respect the Earth and all her inhabitants. We wish for you to allow this message to flow within your awareness.  Simply take in a couple deep breaths for integration after you have read this.  We thank EstaRa for being a channel to her family of light. Namaste.  We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

Getting back to the changes in humanity.  Have you noticed what society looks like?  Have you walked around to see those around you?  I have to say that I have in the last couple of years been surrounded by a shroud of physcial pain, concussion confusion and narrow focus when I left my home.  But in the last few weeks since the Equinox, I have been more observant of humanity around me.  There are such unrealistic standards for people and what is expected of them, their bodies and their livelihoods. I mean some of the things I am seeing are making me realize how different I am, but in a good way--I wouldn't change me for
anything!  (I know I have been on this journey a lot longer than some of you and have delved deeper into my soul for sometime, but I never saw the awareness of how far "away" I am from what is mainstream--I mean I've never really bought into mainstream once I started this part of my journey, but now it is so deeply recognizable in terms of where my focus is, where their focus is and just in general what I consider important and priority to what mainstream world considers important and priority.  I've always been different, but I have to admit yesterday, I was in my local Big Y and I left there feeling like I was literally dropped down here out of nowhere. (Like an Alien! hahaha)  I felt like I was watching people, but wasn't part of them.   I am not removing personal responsibility from the equation, but what is being "pumped out" to each of us through news, media, government, corporations is beyond comprehension in a human way--it overstimulates the brain causing us to shut down and be prodded along.  We often learn to stop thinking for ourselves and allow the external influences of society take over telling us who we are and why we are here. We have forgotten who we are and the unrealistic expectations that have been placed upon us, from what clothes to wear to what size you should be to needing to feel insecure if you are not like others, is old energy frequency!  

I have been diligently working with my guides to bring more awareness to all of us about preparing us to jump into the new energy frequency. We can access our innate capabilities of intuition, and disengage from some of the more mind-controlled things that are/have been prevalent, but it can't happen without your willingness to let your insecurities, fears and judgments go.  I have begun to perform Energy Body Upgrades and Alignments once again which are a great way to utilize healing energy from the Star Beings to assist with some of this.

On the other side of things, I am finding more and more of my soul family and deeply grateful for it.  I find more awakened souls that are seeing my light (no more living in cognito--people see our light!!).  I find friendliness and connection is what most people are looking for.  The new energy is about accepting people for where they are at, not forcing them to fit into something/someone. It is about putting our food quality and safety above profits, about putting our fellow human's physical, mental and emotional wellness above political agendas and corporate greed, about seeing through the eyes of love not judgment, and more.  I'd rather not go on, but if you would like to explore more of this with me, please do contact me as I would like to get the conversation started at least here locally to start in CT.  So I leave you with this, a kind smile here and there is all that is needed to break up the old energy!  Shall we do this?   I know I already invested in the new energy, what about you?

Love and healing to you.

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©

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