Thursday, April 2, 2015

Energy Thoughts: Is Your Boat Being Rocked?

 Good Day Beings of Love,

April has arrived just in time in CT....we had snow up until Tuesday night.  I look out the window today and still see remnants of this winter's snowfall still on the ground.  It is quite symbolic.  Look at your life right now, what do you see?  Remnants of the old you still encircling you?  Perhaps you are seeing old ways of coping showing up in your life, even things you thought you have long ago dropped away.  Do you feel  overwhelmed?  Have you felt yourself more exhausted, but at the same time raring for something to go forward? I have to say since last Wednesday I have been in bed earlier than ever--sleeping longer than I have in years and then I moved over the weekend into all this extra energy at night, but not knowing what to do with myself. I want to read , study, commune with nature, walk or go somewhere, but the energy is not yet there. Physically, I am not there yet, but mentally and emotionally I am there.

The physical reality/body is the last to receive the changes that you have made.  It is also the last to experience the clearing too.  Know that you are right on target for that new beginning I've been talking about.  We have been smack dab in the middle of the eclipse sandwich that began on the Spring Equinox with the Solar Eclipse.  We will be closing the Eclipse Sandwich on Saturday, April 4th with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Talk about power?  Wow!    This time is so powerful because we are closing the doorway to the past:  What past some of you may ask?   Past life pain that has been relived over and over again in various forms in various lifetimes, oh yes, the situations may not be identical, but we carried stuff in. Oh and for those of you who are unsure if you have been here before, let me reassure you--you have been.  You have journeyed here several times which means you have developed some phenomenal wisdom and some not so great habits/beliefs.  The children coming in now are the ones that may not have been here before.  (I say the situations may not be identical, but I remember when I met my twinflame, I had met another man the same time.  The situation was quite identical from a past life that I lived in the late 1700's in Queens, New York.  Guess where they were both living at the time  I met them? Guess where I started working? Yep, you guessed it! Ironically, that lifetime kept showing itself to me in many different ways for years, until I started to piece things together that were similar in this lifetime, and finally with my trip to Egypt, I was able to let that drama go.) Now, not everyone remembers their past lives as I do, but everyone does carry core beliefs/dramas/pain--ultimately fear, from lifetime to lifetime and it is recognizable by the many blocks we face over and over again in this current lifetime.  It is only when we stop the cycle by actively choosing to fall in love with ourself that we begin to discover those karmic lessons/experiences.

This energy that has you going in all directions up/down/sideways/backwards/forward over the last couple of weeks specifically is a magnificent power house of energy clearing.   This is an incredible opportunity to clean up our soul's road map by way of releasing those lessons/experiences for good.  It is the time that many of us have been waiting for, but hey --nothing and no one will save us because guess what ?  We are the ones we are waiting for.  We (and every other being in the universe) have been waiting for us to break free from the darker prevalent energy on our planet: the unworthiness, the the lack, the fear, the the anger, the pain, the suffering, the sacrificing, the chains of our planet's past to name a few.   Now is the time for us to step into that new role as the new human we are being converted into during these high energy, volatile times.

This weekend's full moon lunar eclipse is going to be miraculous for all to see--it will not only appear blood red in the sky, but it will open the floodgates of manifestation.  This energy is continuing to slough off the past and that will carry you forward on your journey.  While this eclipse closes the last couple weeks of intense vibrations penetrating into all aspects of our lives, it also marks the beginning of alterations that will create the new you.  Yes, it will still be you the mushy, soft marshmallow on the inside (to steal an analogy from last posting), but a different exterior for the world to see.  The changes up until now have all been internal; internal awakenings and internal sparks, but now, those changes, if they haven't already begun to, will seep through into your very real, physical reality/being.   People will begin to see the raw, real version of you, the true angelic being that you are.  Trust me when I say, those internal changes will no longer be hidden.  So those of you staying in relationships/jobs/locations/situations that have long past their karmic expiration dates, you can no longer hide it from those around.  (truth: as if you really could.)   I remind you all that we are all on different rungs of the Ascension ladder so have patience with one another and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be and the other people around you are too. I know, I know it is much easier said than done.  So, how to handle the following days, weeks, months of this "coming out" to the world as you, the new improved human?  Well, for each of us, the journey is unique, but  I will end this message with a few, simple things you can do everyday to maneuver through, make things a bit more smooth (read: maintain balance while the boat is being rocked so you don't tip over).

Some quick tips for you:

1. Stay Grounded.  The more you are connected to Gaia, the more she can support you through these changes.  She is going through the changes as well.
2. Stay Hydrated.  Drink plenty of water every day and add a little lemon for a detoxing effect.  Did you know that lemon water helps to detox your emotions too? Most people know it as a liver cleanser--well guess what emotion gets caught in the liver: anger.  Boy, do we have that coming up  during this release.
3. Meditation.  Get quiet for at least 15 minutes a day.  Step away from the communications with the outer world and get more connected to the silence, so you can hear more of your inner world--it will guide you.
4. Stay focused on your dreams, open to the possibilities even if they seem near impossible.
5. Trust in the flow...everything is fluid in this moves and changes easily so just allow.
6. Contact me to help you through by teaching you some tools and providing you with some Spiritual Support.  I am available for phone, skype and in-person sessions.  

Until next time, my beloved community of light,

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©

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