Saturday, April 4, 2015

Inspirational Snippet: Freedom & Renewal

Happy Day to all my friends, family and beings of light---Happy Passover, Happy Easter....Happy Full Moon!

What a truly magical time it is for us all to enjoy on our planet.  Today, marks the energy of the Lunar Eclipse on this Full Moon. Why you ask? Perhaps you didn't ask why, but I am going to tell you why I feel it is an auspicious time. The Full Moon represents manifestation and the Lunar Eclipse represents closing the "eclipse sandwich of transformation and change" and puts a closure to the past, particularly as this last eclipse cycle we are closing lifetimes of karmic lessons. (Read: the lessons that have cycled over and over in previous lifetimes, and perhaps you have seen them cycle over and over in this life will finally have some closure.  Perhaps not all lessons--because I guess we wouldn't need to be here on earth if we finished everything we came here to do? Some food for thought.)  We are in the beginning stages of humanity fully manifesting the new human.

It is also officially Passover, a holiday celebrating the liberation of the Jews from Egypt.    More than the simple, traditional, historical journey out of Egypt, more globally--it represents to me freedom, freedom of our soul.  Let this holiday be a reminder that we no longer need to be chained to the ideas of the past, the victimization of the past, the pain and suffering of the past; instead, let this holiday be a reminder that we are as free as we allow ourselves to think and feel.  It is the time to remember that we are the one in charge, we are the creator and we create in every way you think, feel and act.  My advice is to free yourselves from situations/relationships/careers/locations that have been holding you back because dear ones, you are the one allowing those things to hold you back--you are FREE. Shout it out to the world, I am free.
Tomorrow is Easter, a holiday representing Jesus Christ rising from the dead.  Again, I feel this time is much more than the simple, traditional, historical view of the holiday.  Instead, I think globally it represents the renewal of humanity--the re-NEW-ed Human.  Your human templates are being upgraded and changed to reflect a more evolved human on this earth, a more evolved human consciousness.  With this knowledge dear ones, will you go about your life as "business/living as usual" or will you take the liberty of renewing your life as well, and allowing yourself to become who you really are--not what society/tradition/family expectations of you are.

With the swirling energies of closure, freedom, renewal and manifestation, these are auspicious times dear ones.  Let me say that again, Auspicious times. I wonder for us all, what powerful, miraculous things will happen in our lives in the weeks to come.

Have a blessed holiday weekend with your loved ones.  May miracles abound and love be prevalent always.

In love (with humanity),

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