Thursday, September 25, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Positive Change or Battle for Our Thoughts?

Greetings fellow beings of light.

What have you been experiencing of late? I apologize for the delay in my Energy Thoughts posting...I have been undergoing some huge shifts in my life too!  I have been trying to write this out for the whole month now.  But as the old saying goes, better late than never.   Lots of new realities moving in my auric field, in preparation for what is to come. I feel such excitement building within me while at the same time I am experiencing a lull/void/numbness of shorts. Almost like, I've gotten excited before--is this the time?  Is this the time that it will really happen? All energy points in that direction and truth be told all summer long, I have had remarkable experiences, signs and truths revealed to me that I shouldn't have any reservations; but as you all are well aware within your own personal experiences that sometimes it is almost scary to trust that it really is happening.

Do you feel it?  Can you feel it? The labor pains we are all in and experiencing over the last several weeks. 
Art by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
We are getting ready to birth a new life/new reality/new beginning.  We are in the proverbial ninth month.   All the energy you put in in January making wishes/desiring new is/was being created. Some of you may be getting glimmerings of the new life you are ready to live.  Anyone out there that doesn't feel the change occurring? I'd love to hear from you because I do not believe there is any one untouched at this time with huge transitions whether they are forefront in your mind to start making them happen or whether you are smack dab in the middle of it.  We are just passing through the Equinox Portal of Energy and a powerful new moon which is giving momentum to what is to come.   We are getting ready for the final push coming up in the next several weeks.  Lots of astrology happening at this time to assist us in the final pushes of birth. I say assist us because I never believe divine timing is by accident and I sure don't believe the astrological movements are by coincidence.  (Now, I have not yet been pregnant in this lifetime, but I really liken this experience to birthing of something. I mean  I know that many people tell me toward the end of the pregnancy, they just want the baby out. Well, let me tell you that is how we will feel if we are not already feeling this way.) We have Mercury Retrograde beginning on October 4th and that lasts until October 26th.  Meanwhile,  there is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 8th and a Partial Solar Eclipse on October 23.  Ahhh, all is taking place within a Mercury Retrograde.  Now, do you all remember my message from back in April/May talking about the Eclipse Sandwich? Well, we will be right back in it again for a clearing/cleansing (read: emotional clearing/belief cleansing that can feel torturous for some).  What does that mean for us? 

Well, one can look at it as a time of positive change where we are faced with once again old, outdated beliefs/values/patterns that no longer serve us for final acknowledgment and release.  Or one may look at it as a battle for our thoughts and overcome fears/doubts/old patterns.  Either way, I see it as an opportunity to release.  This opportunity is grand and vast during the month of October, not to mention a fast paced, ever evolving, surprise filled period.

This is the time to truly let go of those feelings...feelings that may hold you back from receiving what it is you want.  Those feelings can create lack/self-sabotage/loss.  When times like this appear to us, it is an opportunity to look at where our attention goes, often to a place where fear/doubt/lack resides, but remember, we do have a choice in all of this. I am choosing to place my attention to where the possibilities lie rather than what was or what did happen in the past.  As I type this, mind you, I recognize that sometimes it is easier than others to reroute my attention to where I would like it to be.  It is a choice I make regularly because even while I have had much experience with all this energy stuff, I still need to remember that I have to make a choice and it occurs weekly, daily and sometimes even hourly.  Check in with yourself at this moment.  Where is your attention?  What energy are you feeding?  Are you feeding what you want to?  Are you changing what doesn't serve you?  I ask you because your focus is very important at this time to hold the space for what is manifesting.  Hold steady to what it is you want....and you will have it....all energy is pointing to an abundant season coming...on all levels.  The abundance is in every aspect, look at your geography, your truth, your relationships (twinflames included), your finances, your friendships and more.

Until next time, and in love,

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  1. wonderful post, keep up the good work!
    I have the same feeling something great is on the way, I try not to think about just enjoy the feeling and hope for the best :)