Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Trail of Light

Good Morning/Evening Everyone,

It is true!!! Mercury is ready to move direct!!! Hooray. I'm ready to throw a celebration.  FINALLY!! This has felt like the longest Mercury Retrograde ever.  Does anyone have any proof that this Mercury Retrograde has lasted longer than previous ones? I'd love that to be the reason it felt so long! hahaha  Unfortunately, it has been just as long as every Mercury Retrograde, but this one has seemed to be so long because of the intensity of the astrology within this Mercury Retrograde.  Did you feel this too? 

I have to apologize to you all for not getting an Energy Thoughts out to you sooner, well actually, since Mercury went retrograde.  It seemed near impossible for me to get anything in the form of writing done.  I had almost too much going on in my head to be able to grab a hold of a thought long enough to write about
it.  But I have to say that this past Saturday, I awoke with a shifting in my energy and I was saying, "I can feel it, I can feel it--Mercury is getting ready to move forward."  Of course, you have to shout it out the way I did: "I can feel it, I can feel it" in slow motion, sounding quite like you are under water with a deep, masculine voice because while I was feeling the shifting, it was only slightly then.  Now, here we are on July 1st, and it is moving and I feel a flow coming in.

Right before Mercury decided to go retrograde, I was ready to move forward, no, leap forward is more accurate; but then the energy was anything but a leaping type of energy.  It felt as if we were fighting through heavy molasses the whole time.  It was a lot of stops and starts and completing of tasks that were unfinished.  I think even if it didn't seem like it, it was a time of putting closure to many things.  For example, I had a lot of very vivid dreams of many people in my past, especially romantic relationships.  It felt like a final release happened with them so that I could move past those limits/beliefs I held while I was in relationship with them.  When I think about it, I think how profound that is.  I mean just because I moved on from the relationship and thought I healed the emotion/pain and was able to love again doesn't mean that all the limits/beliefs that were present were really released.  Now, I can say that I cried/grieved and allowed myself to know that there are no limits and the beliefs I hold now are much more in alignment with who I am now than who I was back then.  I used relationships as the example because astrologically, relationships were front and center, particularly romantic ones and isn't that one of the ways we learn our biggest lessons?   Now, not only were there relationship beliefs/paradigms up for completion/healing/closure, but so too were other things in your world. Did you notice similar patterns in your world?  If you didn't, look over the past few weeks and see what was brought up to you through others, through experiences or through your dream time.  On a side note, I feel confident that reunion is near for me and my beloved twin flame because I know he truly is undergoing the same things. I love you, my dear sweet man and I believe in you!

Now onto this energy we are experiencing.  We are just about to move forward, but their may be a little drag in your step. About a week and half after Mercury begins forward motion, things don't move as quickly as we like, but I feel that once we get through the next few days, we will gradually begin to notice the changes/decisions/truths that people have come to.  Imagine that, how close we are to the 4th of July in the United States where we celebrate Independence/Freedom.  I think you are going to start to see many people begin to stand up and celebrate their own independence and freedom.  This year is like no other we have had. There have been many things happening on the political/societal/financial/relationship front impacting us directly and yet no action has been taken or so it seems.  There has been a bubbling up of energy over the last months since we began 2014. And here we are, half way through the year and this second half is going to be like fireworks.  I mean many of us, if not all, have been ready for the changes since January 2014 hit and we started to gather the momentum to move forward, but then we got slammed astrologically. With the eclipse sandwich energy squeezing us in April and then a breather, of sorts (or just a holding of breath perhaps for some?)  until Mercury went retrograde a few weeks ago.  I think you will begin to see action taken by many as well as you will begin to see challenges and changes surface for nearly everyone. Breathe, I know that one last line freaked you out, right?   Challenges and changes?  Perhaps read it as: changes are challenging?  Changes, even good ones, can be a bit uncomfortable for a time while everyone settles in.  So, please do not read this to be all bad. Remember, everything is perception!

The beauty of Fourth of July is the fireworks, right?  The sound they make, a crackling then a pop?  Well, we (humanity) have been crackling for some time and they are ready to pop (embody their soul's truth).  This energy is going to help you pop out of where you are/what you have been doing/who you have been into where you are meant to be, doing what you came here to do and being who you truly are.  While we have been undergoing this internally over the last several months, the time has come now to share this wisdom/change/truth that has been cultivating within us, externally. Oh yes, surprising for some, hence why I use the word fireworks to describe and for others it will feel like, it is about time.  Oh and the funny thing my guides shared with me today was that it may seem random and all over the place to just your average run of the mill human of the 3D kind, but us multidimensional ones, we know better and it isn't random at all.  As a matter of fact, it is divine timing. (Yes, I know I don't often like that phrase either--I chalk it up there with Patience, but I digress.)  As these beautiful firecrackers (human soul's setting fire to their truth), light they will sparkle and flow and leave a trail of light behind them to light the way for others to "pop". Remember those beautiful sparklers you played with when you were a kid?  It left a trail of light.

 Well, you can be that kid again, you can be the one holding the sparkler, but that sparkler is you!  You shine bright each time you live authentically/love someone/love yourself/choose happiness/choose peace/embody your spirit/live your truth/expand your consciousness! (oh there is so much more, but you get the point, right?)  Well, that is what is going to happen --as each person sparks/lights up they will shine and leave a trail of light wherever they go. That beautiful light you embody will spark others to step into their truth/power/love/gifts to transform their realities too!  See how important you are to this journey we call life?  See how important you are to this planet we call earth? YOU, ME, WE are who we have been waiting for.  Promise me, and yourself that you will take steps each day to live your authentic/light-filled/love-sharing selves. 

Oh before I go, and yes, I am well aware that I ramble, but hopefully you don't mind and you find some usefulness/wisdom in my ramblings.  My guides did tell me today that July 18th is going to be a powerful day. I don't know exactly what that means, but it didn't feel bad.  It was simply a message they conveyed to me so I am sharing it with you.  Perhaps when the firecrackers really start popping?  ;-) 

In love,

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©

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