Monday, June 23, 2014

Inspirational Snippet: Best Life Possible

Inspirational Snippet: Best Life Possible

I was in the shower this morning and I drifted to thoughts of magic, miracles and changes that are taking place at this time and how the astrology is on our side.  Everyone always wonders what they need to be doing and what they should be doing (I even fall into this trap now and again), but the real question is: Is there anything more that you can be doing to make your dreams come true?  I pondered that in the shower and came up with this message for my Soul Star Healing Fan Page on Facebook and I am sharing this with you.

Today's Message:  Everyday find something positive to believe in, find something that moves you and find that your light shines brighter when you do.  Miracles happen every day, the one you have been waiting for is on it's way to you.  I believe in Miracles and I believe in you! Have the best life possible, not the one others’ have set out for you, not the ones you read about, not even what you think is possible, but what feels like the perfect life for you.   Find that the best life possible is the love you feel inside you that makes you glow every time you think of being/doing/living it.  We are at a time on this planet when the impossible becomes possible, when the fear turns into courage and when the dreams you have had become reality. 

Beyond what I described above, there is nothing else for you to do to.  Just allow the miracles to happen because each step you take and each time you believe in something that moves you the energy and power of your light grows and magnetizes the miracles to you.  My guides are with me now and emphasizing that you truly are a magnet for all the energy/miracles you desire.  They are suggesting that you clear your energy daily so that you can be sure that the energy you are bringing in is light/truth/love.  (If you are unsure how to clear your energy, join one on my upcoming classes or schedule an appointment with me and I will be happy to show you how.)

My wish for you is to have the best life possible!

Love to you,

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