Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Inspirational Snippet: Clarity is Coming

Good Morning, 

I was prompted by my guides to share Soul Star Healing's facebook message to the children of earth and expand a bit upon it.

“Today's Message:  Everyone has an inner compass called intuition and for those of us that are awakened, and have been for some time, it is set on high at this time. You will begin to see more clearly over the next several months the truths that have been hidden. The discovery will uncover societal/financial/governmental truths on a local and global scale.  You will also uncover the beliefs/parts of yourself that you have kept hidden or are/were in denial of.  This is the first step in creating our new reality/paradigm; exposing the hidden truths. Trust your inner compass above all else, but know that is not to be confused by what your head holds as truth for many times there is a conflict between head and heart.  The heart is what your soul expresses to you as your inner truth, so I suggest listen carefully to what your heart is pulling you too!"~EstaRA

Everyone often wonders, how can I access my intuition?  How can I develop it?  It may seem mystical , magical and unattainable to develop your gift of intuition, but dear ones it is a gift that each and every one of you have.  The magic is when you stop listening to the world outside bombarding you with ideas of what is good, true and acceptable and you start listening to the voice inside of you.

The quickest easiest way to access your intuition and maintain that is to work on yourself.  Using my guides message from above.   See your truth.  Not the truth that you wish to share with the world because it is good or makes you look good.  See the truth in you that many do not know and really get real with yourself.  It is time to look at all the untruths you have been living and seek to understand why?  Seek to know what makes you "tick" so to speak.  I promise you that it is worth the journey.  Believe me, I didn't wake up one day and say wow I am psychic.  Like you I came to Earth knowing that I was special, but growing up and being bombarded by other people's ideas of what is good, true and acceptable shut me down.  The only thing that ever helped me to wake up was to look at my life and get serious about changing it.  I needed to truly look at me “naked in the mirror of life” so to speak to see all of me and understand why I was holding onto the lessons and choosing to not learn them or better choosing to not see them.  For starters, I had to see the responsibility I had for what I brought into my life and the responsibility I had to change my life.  Once I was able to see me and my life more clearly, I saw that everything became changeable.  Look inside you before you try to help others because I promise once you see you and your life more clearly; then you can see everything and everyone more clearly.

Question everything about the world you live in and begin to see what takes place.  With an quiet mind, open heart and the ability to see more clearly you will start to see the truths that others are expressing too from personal to global perspectives.

My wish for you today is to use your inner compass and follow your truth.

Love to you,


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