Monday, March 14, 2011

Channeled Message about Preparation and What is to come.

Channeled Message in Middletown, CT on March 6, 2011 through EstaRa (April D’Amato).

Greetings Dear Ones,

We come to you with a message for your earth day, your day here upon earth. Much is changing in your world. Much will be different much will change. The truth of who you are shall be revealed to each individual upon your planet will discover who they truly are. The discovery will bring much chaos and light. Both qualities will be brought forward. Light dear one is where all wishes to be. Not all knows how to attain the light within themselves.

There is a divine spark in each and every one of you on this planet earth. The dawning of this new age will bring that spark to the surface to be lit from within but to shine without. Each individual’s power comes from within there is no other way to attain it in this life on your earth. Each individual has an ancient divine spark of power. Each individual has a right to this power it seems highly coveted in your lifetime upon earth however it is there, it is for you to grasp . It is for one and all to achieve.

It is necessary in this lifetime for all to receive this light at this time. In five earth days, light will have reached this planet to a high that is not easily achieved it will create a ripple effect that will go outward from each individual lightworker. The time is now lightworkers we need you to remain in balance. Remain Neutral—step away from the emotions. WE know as humans the emotions are your gift but they are also a difficulty for each of you to maintain in balance. The time is speeding up on your earth we tell you that the next year and half in your earth of time will be as if it were a blink of your human eye. It will be at the time and space that we know of. Realize that much will be done and much can be undone. Great changes will come to your planet that no one has been able to predict. The earth evolution has begun. The final stages are being laid out for you.

EstaRa is asking about preparation. She hears the word preparation quite often…you have prepared all your earth lifetime for this moment. This spark on the earth each and every one of you are required to take notice of where you are and step into your power. Step fully into your light now. We tell you to ask for you to ask for light to light your space and bring it wherever you go and call in the light wherever you go. It will require much work for each of you to remain in balance during these next several months of your earth time. Much will be provided that will pull you off balance. Now is the time to be the warrior that you are. The warrior of light is not in battle it is shining when all else is not. It is your job to stay aligned with light even when emotions will pull you off and when your earth 3D will pull you off balance. Much will happen to created your new reality.

EstaRa is asking about the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension is collapsing upon your 3rd dimension as that begins to happen things will change more rapidly and pressures will be on for all you 3D beings to change and evolve beyond where you have been. No longer will the old ways of living exist comfortably much needs to change and much has changed dear ones. Much has changed . Much has changed making way for the 5D reality to become 3D reality. Your reality and truth is within you. Where do you choose to put your energy.

We area overlighting the planet every human earth day. WE have been here right alongside each and every one of you. Be prepared dear ones, by staying in light and love while the rest of the world will be in chaos because they choose to hold onto their human 3D fears. Many will opt out of the planet at this time. There will be an increase for mass exits. There will be an increase for mass entry as well.

Sacred Couples will be coming together to create a new world bringing in new beings to this earth space and time. (EstaRa no need to put energy into worry. For you will have that which you desire.) You will be amazed dear ones, amazed at what can happen on your earth. You will be amazed at what beauty you will be bring to this earth and you will be surprised at how soon that will transpire on your earth. Stay present in the moment for that is what will bring you what you wish for. Your light is needed but if you are in emotion you can not shine as brightly as you do when you are balanced and present in your moment. There is nothing you need to do to make it happen…all is happening. All has been happening since august of 2010. Energies that came to the planet in August prepared the way and it culminated on 10-10-10 your portal of time and space.

Your dreams are safe dear ones take in the feeling of peace and know it from within you for that is what you must cling to. Maintain your peace for you for your beloved other half will feel that peace and stay in that peace in spirit. That peace is what will make them come and make you whole again. In the 5th dimension each of you knows your role each of you understands where to go what is happening and what to do. The time is now in your 3D human times and mind the knowledge is beginning to trickle in. It has been a slow process but dear ones in 5 days from now that process will increase. Your earth manifestations will increase at a much quicker space. We just bid you peace and love. You are guided and loved. We are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. We bid you a fond day and farewell.

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