Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Search of the Nile...Orbs, Orbs, Orbs

Luxor this city pulls at my heart. Is it because of the time at Edfu or is it because this place feels oddly familiar? I don't know yet. There is now five of us walking through Luxor in search of the Nile. Now you must get the image of this to really understand this blog post and to find the humor that I did (and do now that I am back in the US). There are four Americans and one Roman walking around in a town where the only language really spoken here is Arabic and none of the five people speak Arabic. We are trying to find our way without a map. We changed our plans from shopping at the market where we were going to try our hand at haggling. At first, I was a little disappointed, but as the night went on--I realized what a good idea it was for us not to haggle that evening. I mean we are such spiritual beings, but after all the initiations and experiences we have opened so much more that we were high as a kite on the energy of this place. Haggling would require us to really think and convert money in our mind not to mention knowing the language would be helpful. The conversion to Egyptian pounds is crazy to me: something could be a 450 Egyptian Pounds and really only be about $77 US so you can imagine the confusion with a right brained individual in trying to figure it out. It is times like these that I miss my left brain. hahaha

We are trying to find the Nile. Yes, we know it is the longest river in the world, but it doesn't mean it is the easiest to find. :) So we start walking in one direction and it doesn't feel right.

So we start walking in another direction and it doesn't feel right. So we see a bunch of police sitting around in one area near the Luxor Temple and ask them how to get to the Nile. They nod like they heard us, but then they sent us to the admissions area for the Luxor Temple. They look at us like they know what we asked, but at closer examination they are just smiling at us and haven't a clue as to what we said. We did circle the area for a few minutes before we decided we might as well just walk around Luxor and enjoy the city. I still had some time before my session with Armunkara.

We start walking and find our way to the Nile. It was really a short walk, but because we didn't know where we were going we walked all over the place and it seemed like it took I can imagine what it must have been like to be wandering in the desert in search of the Nile River in ancient times. Finally you reach it, what an incredible sight. I couldn't capture what it looked like because you would have to be there for the breathtaking feeling. The Nile is so alive you can feel it. This is a picture of the Nile at night and you can see the orbs. Luxor is all Orbs everywhere you look.

Our walk gave us a glimpse of the people of Luxor. The children were so beautiful. As people walked they seemed to be on a mission, they hardly seem to notice us (the tourists) walking by. Is it because they are disconnected and don't notice us or is it because you see one tourist you see them all? I wonder if it is a little of both.

On our way back from the Nile to our hotel, I took more pictures of the city. I was in aww of the orbs that presented themselves there. The interesting thing is that the camera was not necessarily needed to see the orbs--you could see some of them with your own eyes. This is a church we were passing by on our way back to the hotel.

When I got back to the hotel I went up to Armunkara's room for my cranio-sacral session. This was amazing not only did I get incredible back relief, but I got visions of the desert. Here is the vision: I was in the desert alone and just looked up and saw sand in the distance. It was sunny, but I wasn't hot. It looked like the sun was about to set. Then, as I look up a man is coming over the sand mountain on a horse riding to me. He was dressed in really cool clothes and a turban. His clothes were more like Indiana Jones than a Middle Eastern Man. This man did not look Middle Eastern. He just looked right at me and was coming to rescue me. Then, my session ended and the vision was over. Hmmm...what do you make of it? (I am now back from Egypt and still don't know what it means...if anyone picks up on it--let me know.)

Now, I am back in my room just wanting to relax and absorb this beautiful energy from Armunkara.
I am staying in the hotel room while everyone gathers for the group circle. I just feel like I need to be laying down in a clean room, comfy bed and peaceful space. Nighty night...sweet dreams Luxor.


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