Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lemon Mint Tea and A Clean Room Equal Happy Moments

We finally get to the hotel and we are all hungry. We drop off our luggage quite literally, the bus empties our luggage into the hotel and we have plans to go eat at a restaurant for our lunch which is later than lunchtime for us. So we head on out through another market to get to our restaurant. There is something oddly familiar about this Luxor place. It feels amazing.

We drop our bags off and walk down the street through a market place to our lunch. You know after awhile, I feel like a lemming following along. It is hard being in a country where you don't know the language and you have two maybe three people who speak the language and there is a large group of 33 people following along. It is an odd feeling and while I had a sense of comfort with such a large group of beautiful, spiritual beings, it still made for some weird energy going round.
We made our way up to this restaurant which was on a second floor. It looked like we were entering a house at first, but when we got to the second floor you could see the tables set up like a restaurant. Again, a lot of bread! However, the food choices were pretty good considering I was starving at this point.
We are all feeling a little haggard at this point. Well, at least, I was. Luxor has a different energy to me than anywhere else we had been thus far. This place I do feel like I have been before; perhaps not so far back in human history though at this moment, I am not feeling like it was ancient roots. We gather in this restaurant which was waiting for us and they had a menu planned for us. The food was very good there. I had my first drink of lemon mint which was like a fresh lemonade with fresh dried mint on top. It was awesome! And, here you thought I wasn't going to say anything good about the food. :)

We finished up our late lunch and some of us decided that we would try to traverse through the markets of Luxor on our own. We have the rest of the day for ourselves until 8:30 when we are to gather in our group circle. I had to go to an ATM for more money to cover the sleeping train cost and the trip to Alexandria.

I am still achy--oy vey and there are so many stairs to go up--normally wouldn't mind so much, but really?? Tiny elevators with long waits makes you want to do stairs. Booked a session with Armunkara at lunch for a cranial sacral session after we come back from the market.

I am in my room now which is heavenly compared to the last place we stayed at. It is clean!! Oh my I love it here. The room is so clean and we are here for two nights--woohoo!! DebRa just put her suitcase on a wall attached suitcase stand and it just pulled it out of the wall. Oy vey!! Well thank goodness it wasn't me--that is so typically what would have happened to me in the past, but I guess I am well taken care of with the achy back. :) So, I am off to get some money, water and shopping done...


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