Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Honey of Life

Seek out the honey of life or so the animal totem of Bee states. I was sitting outside today. What a fabulous day in the neighborhood, quite literally. I was typing away at my computer and a bee starting swarming around me. I didn't mind that he was there, but his buzzing was getting loud and me being allergic and all I didn't want to get stung. So I thought to myself quietly, go away. I thought a little more loudly go away. It kept getting right in my face and too close for my comfort. So I outloud said go away. It is funny--as an intuitive you have all these tools that you teach, but often forget to use for yourself. The first tool being to call on the ArchAngels as they will be there instantaneously. I did! I called on Archangel Michael who immediately came to my side with his sword and warded off the bee. I said thank you Michael and he said now you must look up why a bee has appeared to you today. And ...the honey of life was one definition while accomplishing the impossible is another.

I woke up this morning thinking I would love to have the day off. Of course, my alarm clock rang letting me know that it surely was time to rise up and go for my daily walk to start my day. Well, I got up went for a walk and enjoyed the cool morning air of a September day in Connecticut. I came home to find a message on my phone saying my 11 is cancelled and then my 1:00 cancelled too. Now when you have your own business and your appointments are your only source of income and well naturally most people tend to freak out--I used to as well. Today, I didn't! I welcomed the cancellations and decided to use the day in my way. I had a lot of things that I had been wanting to do over the last few weeks and yet I didn't have the time. I wanted so much to enjoy the beautiful weather and be outdoors; however, I needed the day to be productive so I brought the work outside to meet me in nature: brought out my laptop, extension cord, paperwork and phone. About 3:30 I thought to myself now if only I didn't have to drive to New Haven for my class, I would be even happier. So, I got up came back and found my class had been cancelled...all my wishes for the day were granted! Imagine that.

I worked all day outside and here I am writing to you from the back deck watching the sunset in the distance with the cool breeze (enough I had to get a sweater) flowing around me.

Earlier this afternoon, I sat for moments soaking in the beauty of nature and thought to myself I wish I could do this everyday. I got the clear impression that some day I will have this be my reality--writing out in nature so I get the best of every day. This day surely was the honey of life for me.

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