Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello World

Hello World!

Welcome to this dimension of my life! I have been journeying for some time now and think the ride is about to get more thrilling. I am excited, ready and waiting for the next step…where that will be I do not know.

Life is a beautiful experience when we let it happen. Notice I say let not make? Make is too demanding and forceful…which implies a great deal of work to be involved…but I don’t think it is meant to be an uphill battle all the time though it sure has seemed that way in my life…rather I think it is all about allowing the beauty of our soul to come to the forefront of all else in this physical dimension. Please feel free to come and go and comment on a blog that touches you or resonates with your spirit or if it should not.

Remember, in my life I am trusting the journey and I am being led. So where do you think that will be?

Next stop…my spirit…

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