Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Q&A: Question about the Runner and Chaser Dynamic?

Q&A from Facebook:


I have a question about the Chaser and Runner because, I feel if we identify one as being the other, aren't we too the Runner if we're describing them? Because we too are the one Soul and energetically connected to them so by one being the runner or Chaser, we are in the same boat and by saying only they are running, isn't that thought alone repelling our energy in connecting/uniting with them? I feel of ones not ready, both aren't ready and both cleansing and dealing with the same yet different blocked energies or beliefs and so on and so forth.

I agree with you that sometimes, and more often than not, if one twin is not ready then it is likely that both may have healing to do. However, what I have discovered recently is that often the twin not consciously doing the work may have heavy influence on the twin doing the work. We are all merging at several dimensional levels and at different times. I have merged with my beloved in many different levels so much so that often I do not know where I end and he begins with regard to what comes my way. So while I have done tremendous clearing/healing work for myself and my twin, his energy of fear/worry/doubt etc infiltrates me still--so much so that I sometimes think it is mine,
particularly if I am not feeling balanced often due to not feeling well or not being sure to take care of my daily needs of meditation, grounding, protection and healing.  In this case, I will not recognize it doesn't belong to me and I will automatically attribute it to something I can I identify with (perhaps an old belief, old memory) and I go down that path and it creates a new barrier and block between us.  

Let me share a recent experience with you as an example:  I know for a fact that my twinflame is going through a great of stress, pain, struggles both internally and externally, but that was not in the forefront of my mind nor was I remembering that little tidbit of information.  I started to feel really hungry--like nothing was satisfying me and I was craving all kinds of foods that I never crave.  I just kept wanting to eat (good thing I keep only healthy food in my house), and I hadn't paid attention and I gave in a little.  It was about a day and half after I started feeling that way, when it finally occurred to me--oh my goodness this is him; he is stuffing his emotions and staying in his head.  Once I identified it--I didn't have the cravings and wasn't "hungry" anymore. Why did it happen you ask? Well, I was out and about a lot over the weekend attending family parties, surrounded by so many different people that my energy barriers got a little weakened and I was tired. I didn't do my normal releasing/intensive clearing that I usually do so I let us get out of balance.  And yes, I know there are some of you that caught the "us getting out of balance", but you may be thinking he is out of balance, and it is not my responsibility, but the truth is it is my responsibility to a point.  What do I mean by this?  I mean I am the one who is more aware and have the tools available to me to protect and keep us balanced. If I maintain the balance within me, I am also assisting him to maintain balance too.    

Being more present, this doesn't happen as much and it makes it more identifiable when it is his energy and not mine. In that case, I recognize his needs and respond accordingly. Remember, energetically, we are always in contact with our beloved even when we are not in the physical realm.  We are also always reverberating our energy back and forth with theirs.  

I try not to identify anyone as the runner and chaser and yet that is the metaphor that people use to describe this reverberation back and forth.  I do think if we focus on their "running" and perhaps our "chasing" then that is the energy that grows.  I feel that rather than focusing on that we would be better off focusing on what we need to do to maintain our empowerment and balance despite the external circumstances because internally we only connection, and that we are connected as one.

I hope this makes sense and helps you out!


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