Monday, March 27, 2017

Energy Thoughts: Segments of Clarity

Greetings Fellow Beings of Light,

WOW!  WHOA!! AHHH! AWWWW!!! Just a few words to describe what we may all be feeling right about now.   (read: Holy Heck, Seriously, Finally, Still?)  We have just past through the Equinox Gate which provides a much needed rebalancing of our energies at this time.   Yet, it seems this clearing, healing and purging is never ending, right?  Well, when March started off I was hopeful for drastic change. (It was my birthday of course and, well I am entitled to dream.)  T
o be fair, spirit did tell me that after the last eclipse at the end of February that the next six weeks would be more of the same (read: amplified by a million, so it seems.)  but in more like a Clifford the Big Red Dog shaking off fleas kind of way. (Good image huh? Remember that cartoon character?)  It is a perfect description of what this energy feels like, large, awkward, red (passionate) and shaking all that is loose off.  Sound like anything happening in your world these days?   Well, hang on a little while longer, it takes time to lose the remaining fleas. ;-)  

The responsibility for creation, magnification and destruction is by way of thoughts, beliefs and decisions. While it is a collective responsibility to make manifest what you wish and desire for the earth; it starts with the individual taking responsibility for his or her actions, beliefs, thoughts and decisions daily. If each person upon earth chose peace, happiness and love to be their focus each day then that is the vibration sent out. Know that even 10 people who do this have multiplied the light quotient by 10 upon the planet. It does not mean all darkness will be gone, but it does mean there will be less of it available to grow. We do not assume or imply that it is easy to do at this time or in any time upon your earth as it requires vigilance to stay in balance and focus to stay in peace, happiness and love—but we tell you that each day that becomes the focus then each day it gets easier—each day solutions to problems appear—each day what is not in alignment with peace, happiness and love will show itself—it will make clear what needs to be viewed and worked through. You may think that is a bad thing when light is shed upon darkness; but dear ones, how can you change what is –if you do not know what is in need of change? ~Arcturian Masters of Light

All these lessons/issues that keep surfacing and resurfacing for some odd unknown reason are leading to the root of what must has been blocking you and what may be causing difficulty as we enter into this 5D reality on the planet.  Do you remember back in the fall I said we were starting to embody our 5D selves and we entered a new timeline potential? Later on I said that the next several months we would be learning how to navigate our way into BE-ing?   We had the practice, dress rehearsal so to speak, and now, we are set free to explore the ever more accessible/present 5D energy of creation and manifestation.  With it comes responsibility, truth, revelation, and did I say, responsibility?    With re-balancing comes breaking down, restructuring, remembering and realignment of our priorities.   My guides showed me an image during my Energy Body Upgrade last week of how everyone on the planet has their foundations falling apart--it doesn't matter how advanced one is  on their path of ascension, the energy is breaking apart anything that is not divinely guided (meaning from one's soul/heart energy) and is not created/built in the energy of purity.  Some physical, mental, emotional patterns are surfacing now that are showing each individual where their resistance to enlightenment is--showing where one may be continuing to try techniques/patterns/behaviors that are old ways of manifesting/creating/being.   These will continue to collapse at a much faster rate than it appears.  The patterns will surface, but at a rate much more manageable?! -Arcturian Masters of Light (Read: I laugh really?  how much more healing can humanity take on?  How does one manage the falling apart of things? lol--I digress.)

The message above could explain why the last week or so since the Equinox, I, along with many others have felt a little off and weird as a result of the Energy of Re balancing.  (I have been trying to write this upgrade now since Thursday of last week and here I am on a Monday. I have had numerous stops and starts--feeling out of body, confused, disconnected, difficulty maintaining focus.) What I have discovered over the last week, during my what I like to refer to as Segments of Clarity in the midst of murky energy communing with my beloved guides, is that much of the feeling off was relating to a shifting of priorities for everyone on the planet.  With the influx of energy from the Equinox, it has put pressure upon everyone resisting their new realities , the 5D energy.  Well, if the Equinox Energy was here to re-balance us as stated above, then havoc may be wreaked for everyone resisting their enlightenment, but for most of us some energy body adjustments are occurring that seem a little pesky such as random bouts of dizziness, night sweats, sluggishness, overeating or not eating. I see it as all just a part of the journey into higher frequency--I feel we are all just navigating our new light bodies in the 5D....I liken it to the movie Avatar--when they got that new body it was awkward and weird things happening--until it got comfortable and became part of them. It is all about fully transitioning into who we really are without the human training wheels---this time it is all us.

As a Twinflame on this journey, it gets a little more complicated because what is yours is yours and what is your twin's is yours too.  The more in divine alignment you are with your beloved, the more merged you are in this reality and the more you will be experiencing each other's energy.  With the help of some friends and my guides, I have recognized a lot of what I've been feeling is actually my twinflame's feelings.  I know, I know I should know by now that we are so merged and I feel everything that he is feeling.   Because our energy is so entwined, I don't always know where he ends and I begin.   I am saying this because believe me what you are experiencing is what your twin is experiencing, perhaps in a different way or to a different extent, but they are feeling something.  

Many twinflames that are not yet in union are experiencing an acceleration of sorts.  There is one divine counterpart that is more in their awareness as a twinflame while the other may still be holding (read: clinging for dear life for some) to the old ways of living/coping/being and Spirit has called TIME OUT and has decided to shake things up a bit.  Dear ones a large part of your shift in consciousness is the shift in your sensitivity—you will feel if you have not already felt and experience a breaking open of your heart chakra center –that is, the walls of immunity that you have built will begin to crumble and you will begin to experience life differently. ~Arcturian Masters of Light

This is rippling out throughout the Twinflame Soul Groups; everyone is experiencing massive change.  For example: the more aware twinflame, please know that the doubt/fear is creeping in because your beloved is likely doubting/fearing his/her soul's call to action.  It may show up as your lack of faith in your twin, but recognize it is likely your twin's lack of faith in themselves.  As I was just typing this, I was hearing the old commercial that said: This is a test, it is only a test. (Some of you may remember the Emergency Broadcast System from when you were a child on your tv.  Hmmm..I don't know if they still do that or not--I haven't had tv in years so I wouldn't know. lol)   See this time as a test, a test of you living your truth now that you are in 5D.   Consciousness is key!  Wow, I type that and I think--boy do I have  to really remember to navigate this reality more consciously; and remember, that my beloved is not trying to cause me pain/suffering/frustration/fear, but my beloved is just trying to learn to navigate his new being.  For my beloved (and likely yours too), his journey right now must feel like he is trying to ride a bike the first time ever without training wheels.  What he doesn't realize is that he is already an expert bicyclist, he just has to remember to tap into that part of him.

As for us, I hope we are discovering the old ways of doing things no longer work, that drama is a thing of the past, that some people need to stay in the past (a Mercury Retrograde is coming up so I had to throw this one in here) that our well-being is of utmost importance (read: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual--meaning you can't keep just one of those levels/bodies okay and think the rest is safe in well-being), that we require adjustments, tune-ups and changes to the plans we have set forth for ourself. (read: particularly if you set it up in your head not your heart.  Yes that is a loaded one, huh?) We will endure challenges and changes on this journey, make no mistake, but with this New Moon coming in, we have all the tools we need to move forward along our path.    You will find as you become more and more comfortable recognizing your power, your segments of clarity will grow.

Till next time.
Love, light and blessings,


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