Sunday, October 16, 2016

Full Moon Energy Update & Channel

Happy Full Moon Everyone!

It is a brilliant day of sunshine outside and I am on the cleaning train well at least that is what my mind says, body is slow to start this morning.

Quick Energy Update:

This energy is chock full of opportunities to express/unveil/uncover/anger/frustrate/ get the idea. So what do you do when conflict arises? This is your spirit's opportunity to shine its new abilities and skills for navigating this new timeline and dimensional shift we are in. You are embodying your multi-dimensional suit of "armour" (read: amore) that has been preparing you for just this time. No, it isn't to distract or put ourselves in denial of the truths that are being revealed nor is it an opportunity to get pulled into the drama of this time. It is time to be assertive when need be, discerning always and to remember to think with your heart. Sounds easy, does it not? It is when you have practiced and you are in balance, but astrologically speaking --the energies will work really hard to bring you face to face with your skills for navigation this wave of change we are in. How well do you know your skills? How grounded are you ? How do you bring yourself back into balance? Just a few questions to guide you in the direction of your heart/truth.

"Did you know that your truth/heart will set you free and win all the time in the end? That is what is always guiding you--unfortunately, your guidance system has been shut down by fear. We ask you to rise above your fear. We suggest you look at this time as your time to stand up in your truth and power and use your gifts of manifestation to create the world you are choosing to live in. That is a lot of power in your hands, is it not dear ones? "~Arcturian Masters of Light.

Meanwhile, more globally, the powers that be are doing their best to manipulate what is seen on Mainstream Media. Did you know that we are in a time where prayer/gathering/love/light are met with hostility and prompting violence? I am speaking of the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors in North Dakota(also known as protestors) that are being met with weapons as they chant/dance and pray for protection for Gaia (earth) and her lifeblood (water).

Did you know that we are being distracted this coming election season with "reality tv" drama rather than real, vital issues facing our country? I am speaking of direction of the media and their focus on the personal attacks of candidates rather than real issues.

Did you know that there is a whole world out there beyond the earth? There is good, bad and indifferent happening and yet we have been closed to that reality by the powers that be. Yes, I am referring to otherworldly things that are transpiring as we watch the human drama in front of us.  

"We say to you again dear ones, it is your power of manifestation that will create the world you choose to live in. How do you choose, you may be asking? You choose simply by your action or inaction on things that matter to you. We suggest gathering together to create a more profound love on your planet. The energy of the love you create together in large numbers creates massive change on this planet that will ripple out far beyond your human comprehension."~Arcturian Masters of Light.

It is time to recognize that the dream of separation is over. ~EstaRa    

PS.  This means twinflames too!!

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