Monday, October 31, 2016

Call to Action: Lightworkers Needed to Support the Water Protectors

Support of Water Protectors...

Water Protectors?  What is that?
Your response to this email may be one of the following:

What are Water Protectors?
I've never heard of this. Why isn't this in the media?
Why are they stopping the Pipeline?
What is Dakota Access?
I Stand with Standing Rock.

Those are just some of the responses that I have heard recently.   I have been following closely the developments in North Dakota since the summer when I first heard about what was happening there and I've been praying, sending love and light the entire time.  While many of us have been distracted by the campaign season and the stress of our lives, there have been major developments.  The Oil Companies are building a pipeline that will affect the drinking water of the Standing Rock Sioux.   This is s result of fracking, the process of extracting oil from our earth for profit. From what I know the false narrative is that this oil is used here in the US, but it profits the oil companies so it can be sold overseas.  Here is a link to  Live Science about FrackingIf you do not understand what this is and why it is happening, I recommend that you look into why Fracking is so bad for our environment, our drinking water and more, I encourage you to do more research for yourself.

So this brings me to the Water Protectors and what is taking place in North Dakota. The Water Protectors (protestors) are trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built on and near their land.  This pipeline will not only impact the lake where they get their drinking water from, but move through the Missouri River.  Do you know how big the Missouri River is?  Do you know how many people rely on that for their water?  There are so many negatives from Fracking in terms of destruction of our water supply.  These peaceful people have gathered together with a larger purpose to bring unity, heal our earth and our waters to make it habitable for all beings.  Thousands have joined in support of the Standing Rock Sioux's protection of the water, including over 500 tribes coming together--this has never happened in the history of America.  What are they doing?  They are expressing their freedom of speech, gathering in peaceable assembly--to protest what is being forced upon them.  No weapons, no violence--just prayer, truth and numbers of people asking to stop harming the land, protect the water and stop profit over people. Instead of being protected by the state and county, the Water Protectors are being peaceful and they are being treated with violence, arrested, jailed and treated inhumanely and illegally while in jail--the oil company is working with the state and county to remove these people from their own land--even though these people have a right to gather on their land and use their voice to protest what is being enforced upon them.  These are violations, human rights violations against these Peaceful People Gathering as is there First Amendment Right to do so.  

You may be wondering why I am interested or getting involved in this at all...well this goes back to what my mission is:  Promoting HOPE--Healing Our Planet Earth one person at a time by turning on the lights.   If you are reading this and you think  it doesn't pertain to you. Please know know that no one on this planet is untouched by the destruction of our earth's resources--it may not affect you just this minute, but I promise the devastation for you in the future is REAL.  We are all here on a mission and that is to evolve humanity's consciousness.  I remember back when I started this path and was growing my light quotient I believed that I didn't have to get stuck in this world and yet, my guides constantly reminded me that I am here on this planet for a reason, in a physical body for a reason and as such I would do my best work by working with the people here.  Unfortunately/fortunately as it may be, we are here residing in a physical reality and are bound by whatever governmental/societal rules we are living under and that my dear light being friends is the reason we need to stand together now to create a Love Revolution!  We are all one people--doesn't matter our language, our skin color, our beliefs, our race and beyond--we are one people and we need to unite together to help one another.  The only separation we have is being imposed upon us--look into your hearts and see your truth as a human, as being of light and recognize that we need to support these people---they are us and we are them.

I wish to make mention that I feel very connected to Gaia (earth), in fact, I am so in tune with her that I experience it intuitively and physically. Each time I learn more about what is happening in North Dakota, I can't help but cry. Their fight is my fight, their fight is our fight. Their pain is my pain, their pain is our pain. Their truth is my truth, their truth is our truth. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!!
We need to stand up and join the brave warriors at the Standing Rock Sioux's protests.  I live far away from there and it is not easy for me to get there, but I know the threat of this pipeline is real and you should too!  We need to take action now to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux. If you are called and can get to North Dakota to stand in solidarity and support the Water Protectors then do it. If you are not able to go, then here are a few steps you can take right from the comfort of your home and a way to help through an event I have created:
1. Call North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200 to leave a message stating your opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline and to violent behavior by the police in dealing with the Water Protectors.
2. Call the White House at (202) 456-1111 or (202) 456-1414 to urge President Obama to take whatever steps necessary to protect the non-violent water protectors.
3. Call the Army Corps of Engineers (202) 761-5903 -- and urge them to deny the permit Energy Transfer Partners needs to cross the Missouri River.

4. Donate to Sacred Stone Camp to help them with supplies--North Dakota is already really cold, but they are heading into winter.  Here are some links for helping the Sacred Stone Camp:  How to Help and Supply List.

5. Join me and others on November 6, 2016 for a Water Ceremony and Fundraising/Donation Event. 

Event Details Below:

When: SUNDAY, NOV. 6 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
WHERE: Jacob's Beach  (weather permitting) 
If it is raining/snowing, we will meet at my office: 821 Village Walk, Guilford, CT

We will connect with the prayer/healing circles taking place in North Dakota at this time in protection of our earth’s water, more particularly I want to not only help raise awareness about what is going on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, in North Dakota, but I want to support them and encourage you to support them or at the very least start the conversation of change.  This is about more than just the water and Indigenous Tribes who are standing up--it's about our people, our water, our democracy and our life.  Water is the life blood or our planet--it is essential to our survival as a human race and slowly the water is being poisoned and contaminated for profit.

This event is a water ceremony that we will hold in support of the Water Protectors. We will connect with the prayer/healing circles taking place in North Dakota at this time in protection of our earth’s water,  We will honor the Earth, her waters and her people. At this time, I would like to collect donations to be sent to Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota to support the thousands (with more arriving each day) of Water Protectors holding vigil, healing and risking their life in peaceful protest to save our earth’s water. What is happening in North Dakota affects all of us.   Donation for Event $25 Cash or Gift Cards for Lowe's, Amazon or Verizon (these are what they are asking for and will be mailed).
Please register for this event---dress weather appropriate and bring a gluten free, vegan dish to share for warming up after the event back at my office.

If you are not able to attend, I will be collecting donations until November 13, 2016 to be sent to Sacred Stone Camp in North Dakota --I will have a container at the entry of of my office. 

Call or email  today to register!
203-397-6073 or
See you then.

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