Friday, October 18, 2013

Energy Thoughts: Anxiously Awaiting or Anticipating

Feeling fiery on Full Moon Friday? This full Moon is chock full of energy--Not to mention a lunar eclipse. Fasten your seatbelts ladies, gentlemen humans, aliens and angels're in for quite a ride.    The momentum has been building since October 1st and now it is time to take action. But wait, Mercury is going Retrograde too!  Wow, what does that all mean for you? Me?  the Planet we are living on? 

Well, my dear souls, it has been a long awaited time for some and a shocking time for others.  Let me start by saying, I've been trying to write this Energy Update all week, but I've been experiencing problems with my computer locking up--not sure if it is the mouse or the computer--let's pray it is the mouse because I can always get a new one.  I've not had a working mouse on my laptop in the last 3 years so I have been using an external wi-fi mouse since (hopefully I will manifest the money for a new mouse soon).   I've been experiencing internet connection issues, cell phone issues and traffic issues: all of which are directly related to Mercury going Retrograde.  Here is the little secret, the planet, Mercury will physically be going retrograde on October 21, but if you look back over the month of October, it has been impacting us since October 1 (well some of us).  How is that possible you say?  Well, that is the magic of these multidimensional times.  

To explain further, I must step back to the Autumnal Equinox (well that is the exquinox that I experience this time of year) a bit.  If you read my channel from the Arcturian Masters of Light called  Equinox Message they spoke in greater detail as to what the Equinox energy was about.  But for a taste, they said, "This time on your planet, this equinox, opens the energetic gateway for the birthing of all that is.  As we mentioned some of you will exit the planet at this time, while others will birth into their new roles."   The Equinox propelled us forward into the new energy, the new timelines, for those of us in higher vibration and frequency; our timelines have changed.  We are now living in the 5th dimensional reality and moving forward in that way as well.

You wonder? Is that possible?  Are you not living on planet earth at this time?  Yes, dear ones it is possible.  The earth has changed its vibration and you have too.  Oh yes, there is still the human 3D reality going on.  EstaRa is well aware of that when she leaves the confines of her home, she tends to get smacked with the energy of mainstream humanity. --Arcturian Masters of Light.

Oh yes, they are right, mainstream humanity is far reaching for many, but for me it only impacts me when I have to interact with it.  I've been living in high vibration and frequency for years now and I have been ridiculed for my sensitivity and my choices to not participate in mainstream  events and functions.  Of course, the ridicule, I was often told, was for my own good and how I need to  make money.  Well, perhaps those people were right--I don't have the money, but I have my amazing energy and my inner truth--to me that is all that matters.  Yes, I love my tangents!  But hey, my guides prompted me to go there this time.  

Back to the energy.  So, with the advent of our "birthing" of the 5th Dimensional Reality, we have been building up in momentum to make it a reality in all dimensions.   Hmmm...what does that mean?  So for those of you who are high vibration/high frequency, your "new reality" exists already (if you are high vibe--you know that--it just hasn't been visible in the physical yet), but you are awaiting patiently (the word I've grown to dislike particularly over the last few years) for your future/new reality to arrive.   In other words, 3D physical reality has to catch up to your 5D reality.   Now, let me clarify for a moment that some of you will understand this and others may not. It simply means that everyone is ascending at a different level; therefore, your vibration and frequency evolves  as you ascend, and as you know, in ascension--everyone is at a different rung on the ladder, and as such, there are different levels of vibration/frequency.

So back to how Mercury Retrograde has been impacting us for the entire month of October.  So think for a moment, if you can get your head around this, you are/have been experiencing the reality before it manifests in the physical 3rd dimension. So, before Mercury "physically" moves retrograde, you've already been experiencing the effects.  Look at it as your Spirit moves faster than your dense physical self. (I know some of you are saying, no great surprise there!)

Now, let's come back to this full moon. Two weeks ago, we experienced our first new moon after we transitioned into 5th Dimensional Energy (after the Equinox) and boy was it loaded.  What you didn't realize at the time was that you really were setting up the blueprint for the future/now/this time.  We've had two weeks of highs and lows thanks to all the energy floating around us because we are in the thick of it now.   As you know, full moons area all about harvesting time; harvesting that which you set out to manifest.  This full moon has energy walloping us with truths, and if you are aware at all, you will notice how they have been appearing for you in your life.  

This particular harvest (full moon) has a twist to it.  Not only is it the first full moon after the Equinox, but we are being blessed (cursed is what some may say/think) with a Lunar Eclipse as well.  OH MY!  Lunar Eclipses are all about opportunities of intense energy/change: read endings and beginnings. But it is not that simple, at least it doesn't feel that way.  Sometimes these things can feel chaotic and torturous, but they also have the potential of feeling liberation and ecstasy.  Remember what I said above, this time has been long awaited for some and shocking for others. It all depends on where your perspective is, and on the work you have or have not done, in terms of aligning with your soul's truth.  This energy is all about prompting/pushing you into where you are meant to be and with this eclipse, things may get truly uncomfortable (especially if you haven't been already feeling it).  Now on the other hand, if you were to embrace this time, you might be more inclined to see that it is simple: choose the path that is in alignment with your true self.  Don't allow your ego to take over and say it doesn't know what your truth is--because everyone just may have been too difficult to face it or change it.  The beauty of this eclipse is that you have no choice but to face it and you will be all the better for it after.

Now is the time to top all the above said energy off with our travel through Mercury Retrograde and what do you get?  You get a month-long magical mix of change/transformation with a little spitting off of dead weight, gathering of new resources and enlightenment as you reclaim your truth in this new dimensional energy.  What? Everything is happening.  Everything is happening.  The next month will provide ample opportunity to transform your physical reality.  The energy of Mercury Retrograde puts things on pause physically, with interference in communication, new projects and generally moving forward. In this case, it is suggested to be viewed as a good thing.

The time on your planet is now!  It has been long awaited for the moment of truth to appear in physical reality.  This time is set for souls to step into who they are without hesitation.  Their truth is what will propel them forward.  Humanity is given the opportunity to play catch up. Everything is happening. Everything is real.  Everything is now. Trust what you know to be truth in your reality for it will be made manifest in the physical. ~The Arcturian Masters of Light.

The words echoing in my mind are "Everything is happening.  Everything is real. Everything is now."  This magical mix of energy is what is prompting all reality to change to that of one's truth.  This time may create havoc because long held beliefs/emotions/feelings/passions/desires having been bottled up for so long will be given a voice, an opportunity to express themselves.    This is the time for that to occur so don't be surprised by you or your loved ones expressing their truth--preferably in a way that is least destructive, but nonetheless expressed.  The agitation has been building internally and, in the etheric, for some three years, but recently it has been more visibly seen.  It may appear as though things slow down during this time and you can't get moving forward, but PLEASE know that is not the case---much is happening in an unseen way.  This retrograde is giving humanity a time to catch their physical reality up to their etheric/spiritual reality.   Or in other words, the physical 3D will begin to reflect your etheric 5D reality.  Long awaited for some, huh?  or as I would like to say: ABOUT TIME!!!!   Literally, humanity will have the month to jump to where they need to be; jumping from the reality they have been listlessly traversing through, to a reality they will thrive and exceed all expectation in. Sounds exciting to me! 

A final note, this time is not meant to be viewed as good or bad.  In fact, my guides emphasize that your view should be focused internally on your soul's truth.  I know, we've been told all this before, but this time it appears that the astrological timing is paving the way for the future we have so wanted to experience. For me, I am no longer anxiously awaiting, instead, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my soul's truth.  My question to you is: are you ready to see what you have manifested?  Are you ready to receive your etheric reality into your physical reality?  

In love, 

PS. Please feel free to share, but be sure to give me credit.  Thank you.

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