Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Thoughts on 2012

This is a brief thought about 2012. I often get asked the question of, “what do you think about 2012?” My simple answer is that it is just another year. People are all talking about preparing for 2012 and the big shift, but I believe we are in the shift already--the real changes are being experienced now. Do you notice life pushes at you to make changes and decisions that you have been able to keep at bay for some time? Do you find yourself looking for happiness in a place within yourself rather than outside of you? Do you find that you want to live more simply and peacefully? Do you notice time seems to be speeding by faster than ever? Do you notice family and friends making choices that you never dreamed they would make? Do you notice that the pull to look within is greater and that veering off that path seems to make life changes a bit more difficult? That is the shift that is occurring now. 2012 will be the grandest and most notable shift towards peace in human consciousness.

Over the last several years people are being called in to change their life and leave behind that which no longer serves them. If you have been awakened whether your light is on or flickering on and off, it is evidenced by the things going on around the planet: money, power, distractions, individuality to name a few. Change is always hard and often pushes people to their limits to make that change before they are able to see or feel that peace. That is what is happening right now to humanity and has been happening. The thing is we can have PEACE ON EARTH. It begins with us individually and each one of us is on our way to achieving it. Yes, appearances may not seem as such if you only read the news and listen to the drama that people tend to like to get caught up in (we are humans we love drama—or their wouldn’t be movies, theater and amazing actors in our world).

2012 just means that the necessary percentage of people needed to shift the planet and its inhabitants to a more loving, peace filled consciousness will be achieved and bring about the "new earth" as it is so called. So I guess you can say it is the end of the world as we know it? I don’t know about you---but I have been ready and I look to the future of our world with joy and anticipation!

I hope this helps you to better understand my thoughts on 2012. I could talk more, but you all know I can go on for days about the things I feel passionate about so I will end here for now.

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  1. April, I've definitely been noticing a shift. In some ways I'd say the recession is forcing us to reassess what's really important.

    Thank you for clarifying things for us all!