Thursday, March 24, 2016

Energy Thoughts: Donning a New Suit

Hey Everyone,

We just experienced and are still under the influence of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  It has been awhile since I last put out an Energy Update; and well, the truth is; information has been coming in at lightning speeds and I've not been able to keep up with it all. It seems when I speak to someone in casual conversation epiphanies, truths and more just flows through me. So rather than clump together the several different posts I've started and stopped due to not feeling well or some other things that have taken priority--I am just going to share with you something I channeled yesterday.  I am posting it below and I will include my comments and such!

Greetings Dear Ones,

We are with you, to carry you into the vibrational frequency necessary to cleanse the planet of self-destructive behavior that has penetrated each and every human upon your earth.  The time has come to undo what has been done.  For many, the time has come for clarity to begin to filter through you and show up in your reality.  For others, it appears to be a time when those old, perhaps long forgotten behaviors have surfaced  or resurfaced for recognition, understanding and ultimately clearing.  

At this time many lightworkers are working at embodying their new upgraded templates. There is an adjustment period coming into your fifth dimensional reality.  During this next level of  energetic upgrade;  many are about to see magical things transpire--things you have long awaited for will begin to show up and reveal to you the answers you have been longing to receive.  For your questions, dear ones, are not forgotten or left unanswered--you simply needed to wait until your energy was in higher frequency to attune to the answers.  Because your light bodies have been cleared constantly in preparation for this time, you may have been undergoing tremendous discomfort
(they are referring to discomfort that impacts each of us physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually...this will continue as you are integrating all these changes.)  , we would you like you to perceive what is happening as if you have a new suit that doesn't quite fit right. (read: or dress if you prefer).  It may not quite be the right size yet, or perhaps you need to grow into it still. (It is different than what you are used to,more bells and whistles than you are used to. Imagine this: EVERYONE is getting a new suit. In the meantime adjustments need to be made to make way for the right fit which in turn means you are still undergoing changes and transformations.  This new human upgrade/template is the new you, the more powerful you that will begin to easily access the gifts that are inherently yours, but have been forgotten.)

Two weeks ago, you experienced the massive influx of energy on the Solar Eclipse and it opened you up to the real work in the final the stages of fitting your new suit.  Sticking with that example, that energy of the Solar Eclipse opened a gateway to the "tailoring" of that new suit you have been given. This Lunar Eclipse is equivalent to taking the final measurements before you are able to don the new suit. (Read: The Lunar Eclipse is the final fitting--kicking up any last ditch effort to get the suit to fit properly or to the best that it can for your body.your place in this time.  Expect some interesting experiences once the eclipse sandwich closes.)  Embodying the appropriate Light Body for this occasion.  A great deal of change (read: challenges) has arrived on your planet.  It doesn't appear in your life as easy and nor is it supposed to.   This energy of change and unearthing of previous long forgotten patterns is  how you will make your way into the next frequency adjustment up the next rung on the ladder of ascension. (More directly--you are being guided/prompted/pushed to the next place you are expected to be on during this time.  There is no escaping, the next steps I am told will continue to clear what is coming up--watch your experiences over the next several weeks to see the areas in which you are being "fitted"--relationships/careers/geographic location.)

With this adjustment, your divine blueprint has been lighted and your path awaits you. (The next steps will  be continue to be revealed to you until you face/confront/push through.)    We encourage you to let go of attachments that you are carrying on this journey. Your journey does not have to be difficult, it only has to be appropriate for you.  We ask you to understand that letting go is not putting something aside to never see again, it is not using distractions to take you away from where your focus is, nor is it leaving it for someone or thing to take care of; it is a place of power we wish for you to achieve. Letting go is the allowing of your energy to correct and rebalance itself, your life for your divine mission. We trust you know what we are speaking of you, but we also know that many of you dear humans think--and reach for your answers from the place you call your brain or ego.  We know that as a human you try to be logical in all of your decisions, but dear ones, your relationships, lessons and experiences are anything but logical.  We ask you to no longer try to figure out why and how; instead we suggest you allow and move forward to the next thing.  (They are asking us to let go of the old game of playing over and over in our head how something should look, feel and be.  Stop trying to figure it out.  Refocus our energy into the moment we are in is how you allow rather than deal with the future or the past.  IF you are able to do this, the future will show up in a way that you are more comfortable with and you will have more control over. They are not suggesting that you forget, block or close your energy off just refocus your attention to what you want.)  We suggest you refocus on the moment and your heart, this will allow a change to occur, then dear ones, you will see what opens up for you. If you do this process you will be surprised at what magic is on the other side or "just around the corner" as your channeler likes to say.  We do know that this is a tall order for many of you because it goes against how you may have been living your life. As you begin to more fully embody the new suit,d (read: your new suit after tailoring has been done.  For some--it is already easier and for others you are just beginning to navigate the new suit.)  it will become easier as you continue to embody more of the new energy and templates. (The beauty of this "new suit" they are referring to is that it has been fitted for you to ascend; either you have undergone so much change by removing old blocks and templates, or assist you in removing hard to find subconscious blocks. Either way, it is preparing the way forward for you.)  

Love yourselves dear ones, love yourself enough to believe you deserve the happiness you have been desiring for you deserve it simply because you are!  (The more you focus on loving yourselves and being in the present, the easier this transition will be and the less the energy of self-destruction will influence you.)

In Love , Honor & Respect, 
The Galactic Federation of Light

My channel was interrupted after the last line and I haven't been able to come back to it---so rather than withhold this information I am ending it here.

With love,
EstaRa April

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