Saturday, March 5, 2016

Inspirational Snippet: Toss out Resolutions, Instead Make Your Dreams Come True

We are well into the New Year of 2016, but the first quarter isn't over yet.  Are you one of those people who started the new year out making resolutions, whether you put them on a list or they are compiled in your head?   Did you notice if your list was longer or shorter than the previous year's list? Or did you give on making a list this year?

Well...if you made a list, I say you just need to scrap them.  If you wrote out an actual list it may be best to crumble up the paper and toss it in the trash or better yet send it through the shredder.  You can’t do that you say?  You can’t believe I would ask such a thing?  You are shocked with my response, because isn’t that what the New Year is all about?  Resolving all the old and making it anew again?  Well the thing is we never really just do.  How many of you keep your resolutions?  How many of you feel guilty when you don’t follow through?  How many of you find that it is more difficult to wake up each day knowing you “failed” at it again? 

Every year we are guided to make plans to change and start over and when it comes to make a list of those changes, we find that we are lacking in something.  It is almost like we allow that to be the excuse and say to ourselves, that will be our new year’s resolution to make up for all that we have not accomplished.  I think this year you should make things different and I say this as we are getting ready to enter the March 8th New Moon and Eclipse.   This year January and February represented the closing of 2015. 
With the new Moon arriving, it really is an opportunity to choose your life and to begin the "new year".  I say this year just resolve one thing with yourself.  Of course this resolution is one we are supposed to be doing, are we not?  RESOLVE TO LIVE!  I mean really live.  Stop finding ways to beat yourself up.  Stop finding ways to compare to your neighbor, your friends and even your family.  Stop wishing things were different.  Stop competing for what you want.  Know that there is enough.  Know that the abundant flow comes from accepting you as you are.  Stop being afraid of life and just LIVE IT!

Make 2016 great—wow what a slogan…but really hear me.  The New Year couldn’t creep up on you if you are living in the moment.  The New Year can’t be anticipated if you are living in the moment.  It is not like the New Year won’t happen if you are too busy living your life to notice it being another year.  But the New Year will sweep you away this year if you are just being.    START LIVING IN THE NOW!  I find that we as a society spend so much time looking ahead at everyone else and what they think and what they believe that we forget to find what we believe.  I saw an ad on television saying lose weight for the swimsuit season?  When does your swimsuit season start?  I live in New England and our swimsuit season doesn’t begin until after Memorial Day and then it really doesn’t seem to happen until after school lets out.  Why are we so busy trying to make the future happen?  We are so busy “living in the future” that we forsake the many moments it takes to get us there. 

And if you are one of those people who spend more time in the past than in the future, has it helped to change your present moment?  If we are in the past, how do we see what is right before our eyes?  The past becomes more than just a way to view things; it also becomes a way to justify being stuck where we are.  Let’s get a clearer view of what we want by letting go of the past.

I think instead of making a list of all the things you would like to change about you, you should make a list of all the things you want to accomplish over this year, perhaps this lifetime.  I say you just start living right now.  Don’t do another thing, but just begin to live!  The list should be created with intention of doing those things; however, don’t create a plan of how and when, just make the list.  You can check the list periodically from time to time.  But don’t beat yourself up if it is not done in the time you would like.  Remember everything truly is given to us in divine timing and remember the closer we are to the divine the more likely we will understand.  Divinity is just a matter of opening up our spirits and trusting the universe.  Why not take the first step and trust the universe to help you make your dreams come true?

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