Sunday, November 29, 2015

Day 14 of 45 Day Journey

Good Day Beautiful Ones,

The other day I came across the following quote by Myrlie Evers , “I have reached a point in my life where I understand the pain and the challenges; and my attitude is one of standing up with open arms to meet them all!”

Isn’t that an amazing attitude to have? What a beautiful life it would be if we all could do that. I have to honestly say that I discovered that there is much truth and peace in that statement. A few years ago, I easily found that choosing to live life that way made me more present in my day and life was a lot less complicated. It was absolutely incredible.
However, what I found was that some things happened in my life that caused me to become out of balance in my life and my energy, particularly the car accident. Being human and having so many human experiences happen all at once, it made me overwhelmed which in essence made me want to deal with life’s challenges less and less. As a result, I lost my way a little bit and was reminded to put me first. So often, I forget and jump off the path of healing and so often I am blessed to have my angels, my guides and my life experiences remind me. And, if I am paying enough attention to them I will quickly get back together and if I am not it may take a little longer.

The quote above reminded me to look at my life again. A few things came to my attention this past week.  Yesterday the day after Thanksgiving, I spent the whole day in my house and cleaned—did I say clean?   What prompted this cleaning/clearing?  I was very emotional—carrying the energy from Thanksgiving—everyone’s emotions/feelings/thoughts.  The last several days I have been really angry and emotional—I realize it wasn’t all mine, but every time I felt something, came in the door—I unloaded it in my house.  So when I woke up yesterday, I told myself it would not be an ordinary day. I just started to clean off my desk of all the piles.  (if you know my home—my desk always gets everything piled on it—sometimes nice piles—other times not so nice piles.)  Those piles reflected the past three years of my life since the car accident with bills/collection notices/pain/suffering—my physical cleaning represented the closing out of the last three years—it occurred to me this morning that that is what I was doing.  I do feel like this new year coming is going to be grand!  Yes, I still have the bills/pain etc---and a little more to go in the physical reality, but the truth is that I don’t have to stay emotionally or mentally stagnant.  It is always a choice on what we do with the feelings as they come up.  I am definitely not saying don’t feel—because here is the biggest truth that you will ever find/learn/remember—you must feel to heal. Oftentimes, the new age movement focuses solely on spread happy, joy, joy;  and forgets that if you don’t allow yourself to feel that is the trap that people fall into creating/reliving/stagnating in karmic patterns.  

We are given such a beautiful array of emotions; therefore that alone tells me we are supposed to allow ourselves to feel otherwise we would not be given the emotions even the ones we call Anger, like Jealousy, like Fear....on the other end of the spectrum we are also given emotions that appear to some as too good to be Bliss, like Freedom, like Safety, like Worthy...I could go on and on with all kinds of emotions, but the simple truth is that it is okay to feel our feelings. It is okay to be in the moment with what we feel.

What is not okay is if we stay stuck in those feelings and not allow ourselves to feel the others. Sometimes people only want to feel the happiness because that way they can project that (but know speaking as an intuitive being in touch with her truth and her feelings--what is really projected is what they are trying to hide--truth is always seen)..Sometimes people want to feel only that one feeling so much so that they reach for distractions, addictions to "maintain" that feeling, but in truth they are doing a disservice to themselves and others around them for many reasons, not just the obvious. Some may feel that it is okay because it helps them through their "troubled times",  what it is really doing is prolonging the inevitable and keeping the person stuck.   Some allow themselves to get numb and not allow themselves to feel anything but a minimal amount of emotion that is often disguised as a low level of depression.  It is an interesting conundrum that people experience when it comes to depression...they can feel sad for a long time as they work hard not to feel that which is inevitably present or they can feel sad for a short time while working through that situation/emotion.  I know I am simplifying it, but the truth is that it can all disappear when the emotions are expressed and not suppressed. Here is another part of it –when you allow yourself to feel, show who you are at any given moment, it gives others permission to heal/feel/be.  If someone is uncomfortable with your feeling/healing then it simply means you are likely mirroring for them something they are afraid of. We will talk more about mirroring on another day.

For now, the lesson for today is find a constructive way to express/release your feelings.  Cleaning was my way, and after I cleaned, I felt so light afterward and it brought levity to my life.  I choose to greet the challenges as they come rather than running to avoid them. What I notice though is that I meet a lot of people who choose to run from life and life’s challenges by way of distractions or literally, by way of creating more drama in their life to distract people from what the original situation is. I choose to be happy in this moment by embracing life’s challenges and pain. I choose to take things one day at a time and not allow them to pile up.  My plan is to feel and view the world differently than I’ve been taught, differently than putting it aside (I am giving myself the benefit of the doubt—with the concussion I had in addition to all the physical pain I was in—it wasn’t exactly like I could deal with any more, but now I am feeling better and I can deal with a little more…no wonder the anger is coming up now?) 

Some thoughts for you to journal about today and over the next several days…
Look at your life and see where you may be distracting you?  Where are you keeping more drama in your life?  How will you choose to constructively express/release your feelings?

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