Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Memory of Grandma and Grandpa

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and it got me to thinking about my Grandma and Grandpa.

I don't know if you all know the following story, but my Grandma died on Friday the 13th in 1981. (Yes, that is when those movies came out, but her death was from Alzheimer's Disease.) I remember the day clearly, I made it through the day at school with nothing bad happening--which that morning was my goal.  Later that day, when I got off the bus, my brother Jeff greeted my brother Randy and me,  instead of our mom who always greeted us off the bus.  We went over to our neighbors Aunt Min and Papa Jack.  We played until it was time to go home.  That is when my parents told us that my Grandma had died.

To get a better understanding of this experience is to fully comprehend what had happened.  My grandmother and my grandfather, who was a saint in how he took care of my grandma, came over the day before to visit us. I was sitting out in the backyard on a wooden glider swing that my father had made.  I was playing school with my imaginary classroom as I did my homework.  (Yes, I was a  bit of a nerd and did this all the time---but hey I got good grades.)  Grandma had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's months earlier and she was quickly being taking up by the disease.  But that day she came to the house, she remembered us all, including our dog Duchess.   She told me that she loved me and to remember that she always will. She said whatever is hers is mine.   That day before coming over, she made my grandfather go  buy a turkey for Thanksgiving and told my mother and father that everything is all set for the upcoming Thanksgiving.  My mom had her own experiences that day as well as I am sure each of my siblings did, but my experience was incredible to me.  When I talked to her out on the swing, I really felt like I finally had my grandma back. Instead, she died the next morning.

The interesting part of the story is that in school that morning we had an assembly in the cafeteria--I felt someone touch my left shoulder and I turned around to look--and there out in the hall was my grandma waving to me in the distance. What I must preface is that during my young years, I saw a lot of things that no one else saw--so for me to see my grandmother was not likely unusual.   What I didn't realize that morning of Friday the 13th, was that, at the same time she was passing, she had come by to wave good bye to me.  Of course, it was her spirit. I was very close to her and devastated when she died, but over the years I always knew she was there. I also always talked to her believing she could hear me even when I didn't get a response. She was was the first spirit to start visiting me when I was in high school---her spirit would wake me up about 2:30 in the morning with the smell of coffee (her favorite beverage definitely not my favorite).

 I'm telling you all this because today I am remembering them, but also as a message for all of you too.  Several years later, when I re-opened and re-connected to my spirit and stopped running around like a crazy woman in my old more traditional life in politics and corporate America, my grandmother was there to help me. I used to ask her if she heard me all those years having conversations with her.  She told me she was there every step of the way, even when I was not aware. She has helped me tremendously on this path that I am on, from the other side of course. I still think of her, miss her physical presence and talk with her all the time. Your family has passed away from this realm, but they are never far away.  They are always near by and definitely for gatherings where families come together.  They still want to share in the joy with you, they still watch over you.

My grandpa in this picture died a few years later on November 9, I believe he was holding on for my Grandma to come greet him around the anniversary of her death.   I was close to my grandfather as well, both and he and grandma often visited me in my dreams as a child to help me let them go physically, but to remind me that they loved me.  After they died, I no longer had grandparents--my father's mom died before my parents got married and my father's father--I didn't know him, but he too died on November 9th the same day as my Grandpa. (Yes, that really happened --talk about intense lessons to learn in this earth school.)  Family members often will visit in your dreams for a number of reasons.  Some of the reasons they visit is to say good bye, provide you with guidance and/or help you work through something.

Intense memories yes, but the love is always there and the peace I have with them by communicating with all of them on the other side is incredible. I do all kinds of things with my business, but one of the greatest gifts I have is to help people make peace with their loved ones who have crossed over. My grandparents have always been special to me here in this dimension, but they are still who I call upon when I  feel sad, lonely or want to feel loved.  This is a picture of them at their house in Newington. Remember you too, can call on your loved ones anytime that you wish.

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