Sunday, November 29, 2015

Channeled Message: You are the Navigator of the Journey to Your Twinflame Union

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick brief message that I have received recently--the time for twinflames is here.  The Gateway is still open. It is a time for miracles to happen, but you know who makes them happen?  You do!  You do by way of clearing your baggage/karma/stuff that keeps you stuck, by allowing love in even when you are scared and pushing through the fear that has held you back.

I've been getting very clear messages lately and noticing it with my friends/clients that the next wave of twinflames are being awakened.  Do you know what that means?  That means that those of us, that have been on this path for some time, (myself 10 years soon to go onto 11 next year)and have struggled to maintain our truth, trust in our journey and have faith in our twinflame unions are now beginning to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  That means twinflames are coming together.  It is happening!  Don't give up when we are so close.  I've been trying to sit down and write this out for a few weeks now, but could never do it.  Today, my guides are prompting me to write a message to you because I need to remember it too!   We are so close--let's not waver.

Ok, so I didn't stick with this channel on Thanksgiving morning--quite honestly I could have stayed home all day and stayed in channel, but instead I went to my parents and came home angry, upset and ready for bed.  I spent my Friday and Saturday cleaning---so necessary and now today I am in a better place to channel and well it isn't so brief anymore. I included my comments for expansion or clarity upon what my guides channeled below.I have been working with my Galactic Team of Beings that assist both my beloved and me in our day to day life. Within the Team, I have often called on all Twinflames in Successful Union to come in and help us; that is who I am channeling below.

Onto the Channeled Message...

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with with love, honor and respect that we bring you a message of love on this day . Your day of thanksgiving .  So much has transpired in way of love blocks being removed. All the fears you or your beloved have held onto have been raised up to the light for clearing.  Dear ones, you are experiencing the miracles in your day to day life, are you not?  See them and hold onto them for those are the things that will keep you in high vibration and ultimately pave the way for you and your beloved to come together.  We ask you to refrain from patterns and behaviors that keep you distracted or stuck. You are the light of the world and you need to remember that.  We are here to remind you of that truth.  We know how important you all are to this time on your earth. We need you and your beloved to unite to change the very fabric of the earth's consciousness.  We encourage you to embrace your fears and really look at what is that is not working in your life.  It is as simple as looking at where you are having difficulties is where your beloved mirrors you whether in the same way of you or in the opposite way.  For you are so filled with love and you bring all of that love and more right to your beloved--and your beloved is perhaps in the opposite vibration, fearful of the power that is coming toward him/her.  It isn't meant to be a push-pull situation between the twinflames, but it truly becomes one when one is consciously embracing who they are while the other is not conscious.  Oftentimes it is the masculine that is not fully embracing and the feminine typically is the one embracing who they are.  (That is not to say that the males are not doing their jobs and the females are--you carry both aspects within you.  My guides have discussed this once before in an earlier channel regarding twinflames. One half of the twinflame couple carries more masculine and the other half carries more feminine.  It doesn't matter who is physically male and who is physically female.: Breakfast with Magdalene & Yeshua.)

Dear ones, it is never one person in fear--it is both--that is what this journey is about.  While one twinflame may be further along than their divine counterpart, it doesn't mean they are free from all their fears; for only a twinflame could stir up fears in their other half even that have been dormant or layers have been cleared. (You may think you been there done that, but there are truly layers to healing and your twinflame will kick all that dust up for you to truly clear out the layers of that fear/pattern/behavior.) This dance of union between beloveds brings you to a place where all your fears are brought up so that the powerful energy between you will not cause harm when you are together.  When you first met your twinflame you or either they were in a balanced place for their life at that level.  Upon the meeting you both had tipped the scales, raised your vibration and placed you in another level of ascension where ultimately another layer/level of clearing could take place and sent you both out on your own healing journeys.  (In essence, each time you raise in vibration, the more opportunities for healing will appear.  A deeper layer of the issue will surface until you get to the core cause of it.  As twinflames we came in here to clear from humanity and its templates all that is not in alignment with the new, higher love frequency. That means each of us separately took on old templates when coming into this lifetime for the purpose of clearing and removing those things. It may appear some took on more than others, but the truth is that each of us have taken on our own set of templates/stuff/pain/ may be different, but it still looks/feels/seems like ick to me!)

We keep emphasizing that you must heal you and as a result it will heal the other half of you, your beloved.  Dependent upon where you are on your journey, some of you need to focus upon your own well being--your own fears, doubts, negativity in order for your twin's road to be paved more smoothly.  Others are further a long and need to assist their beloved in making the next step--either way your focus and priority must be you.  For if you remove the focus from your footsteps---then you stop moving forward, and essentially, your beloved stops moving forward.  We ask you to continue to move forward, trusting your mission, trusting your soul, and trusting your beloved, trust them to make their steps whether you are in contact with them or not.  If one twin is further along on their journey know that you are the keeper of the flame of that union and it is your responsibility to carry that vibration of love forward regardless of the fear that may come up.  (If you are reading this, then you are likely the Keeper of the Flame.  Yes, it may seem that you are doing all the work right now, but it isn't about what one does or the other one does--keeping score/keeping track is a worry/belief that is part of the old paradigm/old relationship energy--we have come here to clear those things so if you are in a twinflame relationship--do not allow yourself to get caught up in that trap.)  Since you are the keeper of the flame, that means you are the one on the front line facing all kinds of drama, trauma and darkness  multidimensionally; it is important for you to be vigilant because you have the awareness to assist your union simply by understanding the process of clearing that must occur.  What you may not realize dear ones, is that you are the more powerful half of your twinflame relationship because you have the awareness, the tools and ability to make the union happen in the physical reality if that is what you both have chosen in this lifetime.   Your beloved, the other half of the twinflame relationship, is in their own front line with a human template embedded deeper into the 3D drama and trauma.   The more you are okay the more your twin will be okay.  The more you are in fear the more amplified your fear will make theirs and in the reverse as well. Do you understand why we say focus should be upon you?  It is you that navigates the journey and yes from time to time you will need assistance, but know that you are the driver.  (As the Keepers of the Flame, our job is to hold for certain the space of love, our mission and our union without wavering even when it seems hopeless, hard or impossible--you are the navigator--energy follows where your focus goes. Do what you can to keep your focus on your union and mission and when you are pulled into doubt/fear/drama be sure to quickly extricate yourself from it. The things that occur day to day that I have to come in contact with cause all kinds of doubts and fears to come up and for the most part--I am getting better at navigating, but there have been some open wounds that have caused me to get caught up in it. My advice is to find a friend that is on this journey as well to help pull you through--someone who can be your faith when you are in doubt. It is always better to have someone who is a twinflame because they will continual understand what it is you are going through, but sometimes you don't have another twinflame around you and you may need to rely on a friend who doesn't fully get it--you can talk with them but realize that they may not always be able to understand or hold faith for you.  This journey can be lonely because not everyone can understand this kind of love, this kind of relationship paradigm--it isn't what it appears on the surface--our job as twins is to clear the old relationship paradigm.  To clear old relationship paradigm is far more than simply the love relationship--it means clear up cultural/traditional/religious/societal/sexual/financial etc. beliefs that have an impact on relationships--yep, you guessed it--everything does! No one on this path--not even those in union are immune to clearing/healing those parts of themselves that are up for clearing.)

Look at your patterns differently than you have in the past and choose to learn from them. It is always a choice to view obstacles and obstructions as a learning curve.  They need not be stuck too long. This full moon has released pressure that has been building up for the last few weeks now.  The feel of resistance has been pervasive in your reality.  Some of you may have been feeling sad, lonely lost or even angry. Some of you may have noticed resistance over the last few weeks particularly with regard to things you have had to do to maintain your normal everyday 3D life, that is simply because those things are not necessary in the 5D expansive energy, but unfortunately as you are shifting they are still necessary in the 3D life you are currently living.  You and your beloved have been bouncing this energy of resistance back and forth; thereby amplifying the effects.

Our Channel EstaRa has been experiencing a great deal of anger of late--in the form of short-temperedness--she has been carrying a great deal of pain and frustration from the years of work that she has performed on the earth. She has been carrying and absorbing pain and frustration from so many over the years that at some point it needs to be released.    As  her beloved faces his deepest darkest fears, his anger raises and amplifies the energy in her direction; and like a percolating coffee pot she explodes into what turns into short- temperedness; and humanity responds by giving her opportunities to feel it.  She has been resisting this channel for some time as she knew it would bring up a release on some level.  Her beloved has been holding on so tightly to that which he fears and on some agreement level she too was holding on for him, and not allowing this energy to come through her until the force of the full moon energy made it possible to release.  Ask her what her last few days have been leading up to the full moon?  What she humanly does not know is that her beloved is experiencing it too, but on a far greater internal scale than she can imagine as she has done more movement of energy than he has.   

What we are trying to show you is that humanity is very fearful of what they do not know and it builds in them until finally it needs to come out.  With all the timelines collapsing, appearing and disappearing over this earth year, things have come up over and over again for final releasing while other levels of pain, suffering, trauma have showed up for you to explore in how that template is or is not working. 

The energy from now until January is ripe with opportunities for twinflame couples to heal some serious wounding from this lifetime and other lifetimes.  There will be opportunities to come into physical union and opportunities to expand their power as a couple as well.  This is possible if one or both are willing.   Do they have to consciously be aware, you ask?  We say that only one has to be consciously aware to help nudge energetically the other along.  Energetic nudging doesn't require any communication with the other person's being or energy field--it is simply by way of doing what you must do for your own clearing/releasing/fears etc.  This imparts the clearing energies to your beloved to receive at the time that is most appropriate upon their journey.  (It is important to recognize that everything you do daily impacts your beloved.  I am not sure what you all feel--but I feel everything with my twinflame:  his body aches, when he eats bad and feel when he is thinking of me and so, so much more!  My belief is, then of course he feels/experiences what I do as well--now he may not be able to consciously say "April cleared my heart chakra today--I feel lighter", but I know it is assisting him because when we do talk--I can recognize the changes in him.  It may show up in his reality as experiencing more self love or someone being understanding with him; helping him to love himself more.  I also know when I am in a bad place--it amplifies for him any bad place he is in; but as mentioned above as the Keeper of the Flame, it is my responsibility to keep raising my/our vibration.  As much as I sometimes see this journey as so much work, I take comfort and find hope in knowing that what I am doing is really having an impact on his experiences as well.  Another quick example, when I talk about him, oftentimes I get the distinct feeling he knows I am talking about him--again he may not know what I am saying, but he feels me thinking of him.)

As humanity continues to awaken, more and more opportunities will arise for the twinflames to come together in union.  The light upon the planet is paving the way for you by shining down upon you the energy to clear all darkness out of your way. Raise yourself up in the light and your beloved will raise as well. We wish for you to find the place within you that holds an unwavering faith in your journey and mission.  We ask you to live from that space even when all circumstances appear otherwise.  This is the difficulty most humans have on this path, but we are here to assist you.  We love you and are here for you, with you and to assist you.

We are the Twinflame Collective working through EstaRa's Galactic Team.

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