Thursday, May 22, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Reclaim Your Power

Welcome to your new reality. By now you should be getting glimpses of where your new reality falls softly upon the earth.

Imagine for one moment that all the things have been surfacing/scaring/freaking you out over the last few weeks/months/even years was all on purpose?  Designed to help you clear your path for what it is you say you would like to manifest. Making the path more smooth for this new realty that you are walking/running/speeding into.  Yes, the bleeps/bumps/bruises that you have had to endure are there on purpose.   Did you rethink/recheck your plans or even your destination?  Now, take a deep breath and let that thought sink slowly into your energy field and feel your way through it.  Does it make any sense to you now, with this knowledge, that all you had to go through brought you here and now?  (If not take/allow a little more time for that message to sink down into you.)  That is what has been happening/is happening since the shift into 2012. The astrological events that have been transpiring have coincided with the greatest shift within humanity's consciousness.  It is not by accident that you are here now and that the planets alignments are such--this is what you and all of humanity has been waiting for--the opportunity to reclaim your power.

There is no one in control--no one in the driver seat, but you.  Ahh--yes, what about God you ask.  Well, God/Spirit/Source/Higher Power whichever word you wish to use is right there inside of you.  It is the divine spark within you that utilizes your life experiences/environment/DNA/thought forms/beliefs internally and externally to create your reality.  Yes, there is a beautiful energetic source of all love, but what really matters most is not the so called source outside of you. No, what matters most is that you are searching/reaching for what you already have inside of you.   I think of the story,  "The Wizard of Oz" when I think to explain this. Like Dorothy's experience/journey down the yellow brick road on her way to the Emerald City, she meets challenges/obstacles/friends along the way, sounds familiar right?   All the talk and all the belief that this Great Wizard could provide Dorothy and her friends with what they were looking for, in the end wasn't true--but everyone believed it was true, so Dorothy was encouraged to search outside of herself the whole way to the Emerald City having blind faith.  Imagine for one moment if you were Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz or the Cowardly Lion looking for his courage or you were the Tin Man in search of his heart or the Scarecrow in search of his knowing.    At the end of their journey was they found was far less than they expected: a little man behind a curtain pretending to be great/all knowing, someone they had given their power away to. (In some ways, I equate that to religion, and the belief that you do not have a divine connection to God yourself.)  What they found with the Wizard  was the truth that they had it all along inside of them. The power always resided inside of them.  What changed for them, was their perception, and the discovery that the power for all the things they were looking for always resided inside of them.  If you are tired of the way
things are and how they have been playing out, then it is time for you to change your perception.  Be grateful to the universe for providing a forum (astrological alignments/energetic shifts) for you to do just that, by clearing you and making way to remind you of what you have inside of you.  The answers will never be found outside of ourselves.  The answers will always lie within our hearts.  It is up to us to quiet our mind,  find our way along the journey (the yellow brick road so to speak) and recognize that you will encounter many obstacles, roadblocks (trees throwing apples or flying monkeys) and reclaim our power (Emerald City), but keep moving forward and you will find your way home/heart/courage/knowing.  It really is that simple and yet, that difficult too!

It's the end of May, well into a new season, well into a time of sprouting and new growth.  The next couple of months, I suspect you will encounter great change.  Your life will begin to reflect all the changes that you have so longed for and have worked towards.  Your life will begin to be the embodiment of what it is you put out to the universe--it could be simply a love filled existence or a more complex one, but it reflects what you have been putting your energy towards.  Nothing is locked in permanently, ever; however, this is a train you just got on and I suggest riding it for a little while before making a decision to get off the train.  It will provide you with much needed self love, guidance and hope going forward.  Just remember if we don't like something, then we can change the compass by altering our perception.  Quick tip on how to change your perception in the moment that you are going through something. Stop whatever it is you are doing, pull your car over, hang up the phone, stop the conversation if you have to, but stop.  Take in a five conscious deep breaths.  Now, look at it again. Try this, I promise, it will make a difference.

In love,

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©

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