Sunday, September 22, 2013

Channeled Message: Equinox Message

Greetings Dear ones,

It is your Equinox.  In what is referred to as the Northern Hemisphere on your planet it is your Autumnal Equinox and for those of you in what is referred to as the Southern Hemisphere on your planet it is your Vernal Equinox.  Wherever, you are located on your planet, the Equinox is a marking point on your calendar that celebrates a transformational shift of your energy.   An equinox allows an energetic portal to open on your planet.  It can be considered a gateway for you to access the energies of other worlds, or dimensions or for other worlds and dimensions to access you.   It can also be considered a gateway in which energies are brought through to assist you in anchoring the new earth or as others refer to the 5th dimensional energies.  When utilized properly, the gateways provide a flow of an immense amount of wisdom which can assist humanity.  We ask you to honor these dates and remember that there is much more power when you think of yourselves all as one than when you think of yourselves as separate.

This particular time on your planet marks a large transition into new energy.   Transition may be viewed in many ways for in human terms it often reflects life and death cycles; however, transition of energy means much more than simply the physical cycles of life and death upon the planet.  We are not discounting that death will not take place for some and birth for others, but it is much more important to see the aspects of death and life within oneself and one’s journey.  There are many cycles of change as we as a universe are ever evolving and changing, but we are speaking directly about humanity at this time.  

Many of you are in the birthing of a new reality. It is never easy and nor has it been. (This channel, EstaRa has gone through many cycles of her own and will continue to do so as she continues to climb her ladder to ascension.  Notice, we said “her ladder” because dear ones nothing is the same for anyone.  Each of you has paved your own path, built your own ladder to ascension long before you arrived here in the physical vehicle you are wearing called your human body.)   It is time for some of you to exit the planet at this time and you know who you are and you understand that you have completed your mission or this leg of your journey, while others are to now step into who they are.  The energy of the planet is moving forward into transition, so, too, must humanity.  The old paradigm of energy has lost its foothold and is no longer being supported.   Over the last few years, gradually, the old paradigm began to lose its power, but it has always had the support of humanity and non-human entities.  As of the closing of 2012, the old paradigm no longer has the same support which has prompted the breaking down of the old and influx of chaos and confusion that has been pervading the planet.  Things changed when you woke up in the new energy of 2013, did they not?  If you step back and notice your life upon this planet over the last several months you will see the outstanding energy that has prompted and pushed you to the place you are now in, whether you deem it to be good, bad or indifferent.  We suggest you view the place that you are in as indifferent because it is simply where you need to be at this point in time.  This is your time to be empowered by these energies on the planet; how will you use them?

We will talk for a moment about pioneers, first wavers, light bearers and love holders. (This channel and many others embody all of those names.)  Your work has proven to be successful.   We ask for your patience a little while longer as each successor begins to take their rightful place as a light bearer and love holder.  The road has been long and longer than some may have hoped for, but your mission first and foremost is to the shifting of consciousness for humanity—that is what you signed on for this time around.  Some of you left other planets, some of you lowered your vibration, some of you postponed your happiness and reunion with your other halves in honoring your promise to assist humanity to shift to a higher vibration and join a more empowered universe.  We congratulate you all for your hard work, commitment and effort and we wish to tell you that your time is coming.  Do understand dear ones, that you have not only been creating the new earth, but you have been cultivating the life you so desire.  For some of you wonder, it may not appear that way, but dear ones, do know that you are working at night to assist in the dismantling of the old paradigm and the building of the new earth paradigm? You are the designers, planners and creators of heaven here on this earth.   The journey has been long and hard for some and we are here to leave you with a message that will be to your liking. You have held onto your faith and love for so long that the next logical step would be to see it made manifest before your eyes.  Dearest ones, it is manifesting as we speak to you.  Much of what you thought humanly was to come about was placed on hold as you made way for adjustments—it was , it is not lost and it will be made manifest.  You do know that which we speak of.  

This time on your planet, this equinox, opens the energetic gateway for the birthing of all that is.  As we mentioned some of you will exit the planet at this time, while others will birth into their new roles.  This will change much for many of those pioneering light beings we mentioned above.   We ask the pioneers, first wavers to step into their roles as elders, we ask those to follow to see them as the elders of their tribe.  As we type this EstaRa is questioning the elders’ word.  We do not mean elder in terms of human age (though for some it may refer to human age), we refer to elder in terms of wisdom.  The elders have paved the way for the world and are in the process of making the transition of those following that much easier, quicker and more fluid.  They were the ones who have been holding the light on this planet for some time and anchoring it long before humanity or even they knew what they were doing.  

The planet you are on is ready for the full transition.  It is ready for the second wave of light bearers and love holders to step into their power and embody fully who they are.  With the initiation of these energies of your equinox, you are each asked to step into your magnificence as a being of light by choosing peace where there is chaos and choosing love where there is fear.  Ask your elders to show you how for they have been doing it for a very long time; and they will continue to carry on but perhaps in a different capacity.  Within one week of the energy opening of the equinox portals, clarity will come for some of you as you begin to breathe into the truth of who you are.  We ask you to honor this time as you would a woman in labor who is about to give birth or has given birth.  What does she need the most?  That is the question to ask yourself when you do not know what the next step is.  The next step will be provided to you in moments of quiet faith.  Behold what humanity can do when they embrace fully who they are and unite with one another in unity.  

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today.

We are the Arcturian Masters of Light.

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