Friday, September 13, 2013

Energy Thoughts: Peace Train

Hi Everyone,

My guides are prompting me to share this with you all--so much is happening internally and externally  as we are beginning to learn to see the real separation from dark vs. light.  Remember there is already light so gather together in oneness to see the light, be the light and live the light.   Hence the you tube song below.

The energy during the past week and the coming weeks is building up momentum for change.  Astrologically, we are in the same planetary configuration as we were when the US went to war with Vietnam.  It was also the time of  the “hippies”, peace protestors,  began to gather together (let’s do that now without the drugs, of course).  What does that mean to us now?  It means we are in a time of disconnection from what we have been told and moving into unified spirit within ourselves to determine what is REAL.    We are moving into union with others of like mind, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a separation of beliefs:  for example the separation exists between those who think we should go to war and  those who want to encourage peace.  I’m willing to bet there are more on this planet that want peace than ever before.  Those people wanting to encourage peace are the awakened ones.  This is a time of high energy and time where changes can happen, where we can create a world in peace, where we can come out of the darkness into the light, but only if we use the energy to our advantage.

We can no longer sit back and watch as our lives/world/livelihoods are controlled by outside sources, we are all a divine spark from the creator; therefore, we all have everything inside of us to create.  People like the saying “haters hate” well in this instance “Creators Create”.   So we have the ability to create simply by being alive.  Whether you are aware or not, you too, create every moment of every day.  When I say create, I am not talking the artistic form, but I mean creating your life, your day, your moment.  Where does your creation come from?  Is it from focused intent?   Does it come from a place of love or a place of fear?  Often the answer is  that it comes haphazardly.   When we are ungrounded or unaware of our truth, our creation can resemble very little, if anything, that we intended.  Often our ungrounded, haphazard energy allows for external sources to “funnel” their truth into  us.  Think for a moment, about a store that you regularly shop in;  think about the environment and how it influences your experience there:  the lighting, the smell, the music and even the design are intended to bring about a reaction within you. All of that is set up to influence your shopping trip and encouraging you to buy; not for your best and highest good, but for filling the pockets of those who own the business. 

If that example doesn’t work, think about the fast food restaurants.   Here is an example from my life.   I was driven by a friend to the beach about a month ago.  It was a nice outing, but I had to go to the bathroom and I wasn’t close to home or a bathroom so we had to look for a place to stop.  I remember telling her to find a McDonald’s  for me to use.  My friends know that I call McDonald’s my international pee stop.---they have often have clean restrooms and you can easily go in to use the bathroom and leave; fortunately and unfortunately, they are everywhere in the world.  Well, it had been months (due to the car accident)  since I left my house for anything other than a doctor’s appointment so needless to say I haven’t needed a bathroom break.   Anyway, she found one and I got out and went in to use the bathroom and all I could smell was the oil/grease from the French fries cooking. Oh my goodness it was gross.  It actually made me a little sick.  I remember getting back into the car and thinking wow easy to use the bathroom because they figure if they pump this smell out it will entice patrons to buy something.  The smell for me made me sick, but I’m guessing for most people who go into a McDonald’s, they probably get sucked in and can’t stop thinking about the French fries and end up buying those or other items too.   The stream of smell from the greasy French fries makes you want them….I remember thinking that too.  I haven’t eaten at a fast food restaurant in years, but I do occasionally when traveling buy a bottle of water from them if need be.  But everything is a program ready to be downloaded into you.   This is an example of how the program works, but –even more this an example of how you can overcome the program.  I was pulled out of my everyday life due to the car accident—that car accident allowed me to be my “own program” if you will (I already don’t watch tv and buy into a lot of what is produced in the media—I go my own way and I love it!) and I was “immune” to the program at McDonald’s—a matter of fact it made me sick.  I saw it for what it was….oil/grease/unhealthy fat.

That is why I emphasize being in nature so much—it is so important to reconvene with your soul and spirit out in nature.  The only thing that can be downloaded into you is love.   It also helps you to reconnect with your truth, what is yours.  Ever notice how some people can’t be alone without constant distraction: noise, tv, facebook, etc.  They are uncomfortable with connecting within.  Something  that we have been conditioned to believe is that we are not able to get answers for ourselves or think for ourselves; we need others to provide them.  Being in nature, reminds you of the peace you have within you.  For some, it may make stresses louder and you may not quiet your mind so easily—that is simply because your spirit is trying to address everything that you’ve been distracting yourself from .

Back to Creator’s Create.   In addition to creating from love, we also have the ability to create from fear.  The energies that are “in control” count on us to create from fear because that is the prevalent energy on the planet.  The energy of fear is pumped in to humanity in everyday life by way of media, corporate decisions, religion and even government decisions, etc.   It is time for us to show that we are no longer willing to “buy in” to the prevalent fear/attitude/grief on the planet and that responses and reactions will no longer be based in fear; instead we choose  to create change, to create peace and  we choose love.  The most important thing to remember during this time is that it is okay to be different and not follow along.  You have permission to be who you really are.  You have permission to set aside what you were once taught as truths and were taught to believe; instead you have permission to decide what your truths are. 

If you have or have not looked at my class listings coming up, I am offering a monthly teleconference class that will begin on October 1st and continue monthly called the Warriors of Light.  I will share with you all the description…it is going to be a new aspect of my business—more of an active participation thing…so if you are looking for a way to express who you are, stand up for your truths and empower others, this is the class for you!

Warriors of Light in the Revolution of Love
Tuesday, October  1  8 -9:30 p.m.
This will be a monthly group  through teleconference for those of you who want to make manifest the New Earth by establishing it with a foundation of Love.  This group will require everyone’s participation, courage to stand up for their truth, passion to change the way things have been done and be ready and willing to start a real movement forward first locally and then globally. Gather your thoughts and ideas on what you want to work on and bring them to this phone conference: we will support one another.  Topics can be anything from clean water, removing GMO’s to New Approach to Healthcare, etc.    Donation: $5.00  -$10

Blessings of magical creation to you!!

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