Monday, May 16, 2011

Gifted with Will Power, Courage & Determination

Here we are in Karnack. This is a magnificent looking Temple. It looks like a very well maintained temple. The sphinxes are very much intact. This is the place if you remember that Sekhmet told us that when we visit Karnack near her statue, we could leave something for her in the sands surrounding the area. When we returned home, we can connect with the thing we left behind and access Sekhmet's powers of courage, willpower or determination any time we needed it. That day at the Sphinx, I knew immediately what I would gift her.

So here, I was walking through yet another temple. The entrance was massive:
I have to be honest here, by this point I am getting a little tired of the temples because they all are beginning to meld together and our journey has been non-stop. Will I remember what they look like when I get back home? Hmmm I wonder... I never realized how much work lightwork was because while it is fun it is and has been emotionally, mentally draining for me. (Just for the record since I am transcribing my journal now here in May 2011--Yes I do remember each experience. Imagine that!) Anyway, I digress. It is later in the day so we hurry to find the location that we are trying to get to and we find that the area is under construction so the Sekhmet statue is closed off to tourists.

Our tour Guides are amazing and do magic once again; of course with our energetic help and a little financial donation to the security guards we are able to get access to the areas we wished with a little privacy for a short time, but nonetheless still able to access the areas. So we all cram into this little room where there is a headless statue housed. (Yes, it is headless!)
And well, no not all 33 people fit into this room I would say about 17 people crammed in at a time. Now the fact is that, as we went in this area the security guards were very much after us about being quick. So we had to quickly perform. I kept remembering and hearing over and over in my head to leave my gift so while we waited for Solara An Ra to channel and begin the initiations, I told the people next to me that I was going to bury my garnet stone and lock of hair. So a bunch of us started to dig into the sand with our feet. I had taken my shoes off to feel the sand of this was cool to my feet, but somehow very comforting like wrapping my feet in a silk blanket. So I quickly buried my garnet--and if you remember from my earlier blog way back: garnets are the stone associated with January (how apropo) and the healing properties of this crystal are life force, compassion, protection, past lives, purity and truth. It is very powerful and could be used for all the gifts that Sekhmet is willing to bless us with. What better way to trust and allow life to unfold magically than to give a very meaningful gift to Sekhmet.

Each of us lined up one by one to begin our initiation. We find out the statue that we are to connect with is enclosed in a room that is closed off and behind a wall. Solara channeled that we will still be able to connect with the energy of this statue by way of touching the wall with our third eye and receiving an activation that way. Each of us gathered as Sopdet Ra placed an oil on our third eye to help open it.
Then each of us leaned against the wall with our third eye to connect with Sekhmet who was ready and willing to connect with us. Ezeriel channeled sound into each of us as we made our connection to help us lock in the activation. We were to stay until we felt the connection to Sekhmet and ask her for her gifts. She would then acknowledge us, activate us and grant us the gifts. I felt the connection to Sekhmet in my heart chakra and in my third was buzzing as well.

Unfortunately, we had to move through quickly as the guards were coming back asking us to hurry on of there. Okay, so I am being nice when I say they asked was more they showed up machine gun armed as all police, security, tourism police and even some laypeople were in Egypt. When people come to you that way and they are speaking a language you do not know, you pretty much want to do as they "ask"--in otherwords you feel inclined to honor their request--kind of like the Godfather Movies--an offer you cannot refuse. hahaha Well--it really wasn't that bad, but at times it felt like that.

So as we were initiated we were moved on out of the statue area. So many people were not able to leave their items in that room because the time was so shortened. I am so glad that I placed my garnet down and my lock of hair. (As I am typing this and thinking editing it for this post, I realize that the last few weeks have been trying for me and many of us---I should call on Sekhmet...I will call on the Goddess tomorrow during my meditation--could use to tap into her gifts now.)

We had just enough time to do all that we needed to do. Who says the helpers on the other side don't help? They are always orchestrating for us what we need at the time we need it. As I type this I too am reminded of what I am saying. I left the room a little light headed. I made my way back through the area towards a place where I could sit, but then I chose to sit on piece of the temple that was on the ground and boy did that throw me off...the energy was flooding through me. There is so much magic in these temples, it is hard not to feel high as a kite on the energy. I have to say after this initiation I truly felt gifted with these things. I felt a bit of confidence come over me that I hadn't felt earlier in the trip especially with the emotions and tears coming all around me. While I may be getting tired of the temples, I am so grateful and feel deeply blessed on this day. And not to mention, we coulnd't have had a more beautiful weather day.


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