Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Even One Small Light

Inspirational Snippet: Even One Small Light

Happy Day, my friends!

Here is a quote I came across today and wanted to share it with you….

“There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light
of even one small candle” Robert Alden

This inspired me to want to write particularly about our experiences
with our families and lo and behold my guides came through with a
powerful message for each of you….this is from them below…

This is to you all my dear souls of light, even in those moments
that you felt that it nearly impossible to be the light in your
families you are the light. It doesn’t matter that there is just
you---you are the light of the world and you must be the light.
In a world that seems so dark, we tell you to turn off your
televisions, turn off your radios and tune into your own frequency
for in that frequency you will find light, love and empowerment.
It is far easier to tune in than it is to turn off that which
distracts you, but we say that you can do it. We also say that
you can easily transform your life if you give the pure intention
to do so. It is the time now to step into the grace and beauty
that is truly you. No, dear ones we do not think you should be
fearful of what is to come. Instead we ask you to be expectant
of what is to come for you are the creator Gods of your journey.
What do you wish to create next? Where do you wish to create next?
You can be that one candle wherever you are. You do not need to
be a healer, a teacher or an intuitive to shine your light…you
need only to shine and be that candle wherever you are because
as the quote says with even a small candle glowing it is not darkness.
EstaRa loves the quotes she finds…only she fails to remember
sometimes much of what she finds is just another way of saying
what she already knows, feels and teaches. She is ready to take
you all upon your path of light. Be willing to hear her and listen
for her wisdom grows and knows no bounds. It is with love, honor
and respect that we bring you this message today.

We are the Masters of Light.

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