Friday, August 20, 2010

Money Only Has the Power You Give it.

Dear Ones, Children of the Earth,
You are wondering why you feel so stuck where you are. We are here to tell you that you are not. You have the magic within you to move beyond all that is making you stuck. You don’t have to feel this immobility. We urge you to simply live. Fear of not having enough money is keeping each and everyone of you stuck—you do not need to think of money. You simply need to think about living—what is it you wish to do? Make that decision and the means will always follow.

In your 3-D world it is easy to see only the money issues. Is it not what everyone works for? Is it not always on display? Limit your intake of societal means to control your belief system. Take control of your beliefs and change them if you wish for it is up to you to make your world what you wish it to be. The interesting fact is that you, each and everyone of you create your reality. In so doing, your beliefs are what fuel you. If you wish to create something other than you have, then you must look to your beliefs. There is always evidence out there to prove whatever it is that you wish to believe in. If you wish to think money is all encompassing of your life then that will become your focus and you will live in fear of having enough. You will live with the beliefs of people who fear having enough and it will surround you through all types of media. If you wish to see money as a form of exchange, then you will see that it is possible to find other forms of exchange. You will change your beliefs about money and see the multitude of possibilities and abundance that will come your way. Money only has the power that you give it. Give it less power and you become more powerful and tap in to your energy reserves. Give it more power and you become a slave to the power and you close up your energy reserves.

We wish to tell you that immobility is simply your inability to clarify your desire. It is not without difficulty that you achieve your desire for you are human and you have lessons in which you came into this lifetime wishing to learn. If you are willing to love you above all else, then you will achieve more than you have desired. You will open the gates of heaven here on earth.
Joy loved ones is always an option—the choice is simply to live. We wish you to know that if you feel immobilized—what is it you are not allowing into your existence? What is it that you truly desire?

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message.
The Masters of Light

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