Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Channeled 8-9-10: More Money? More Time? More Love?

Hello Everyone,

I have been prompted from my guides to share this following Channel with you all...this was channeled yesterday morning!

August 9, 2010

Dear Children of the Earth,

The time is now. It isn’t yesterday, today or tomorrow. The time is now. For the last several years your channeler has been taught to be present fully present in the moment even while she does her daily routine. We encourage this. Let go of the distractions we say. We see how easy distractions come for all of you especially when you do not know that is what they are for you. You may call it work. You may call it household chores. You may call it responsibilities. We call it distraction from what you would like to achieve. You may wonder why or how it is possible, but it is. Your goal is to live your life fully in light, love and integrity. Truth always prevails unless you are in fear and choose to hide from your truth.

We urge you to take a step into the now at this moment. What is it that you wish? More money? More time? More love? Do not think you can or cannot have it—it is the moment “Now”. Use this “now” moment to get that which you desire.

More money—it is with you and flows abundantly if you let it . Stop focusing on what you may owe and what others may owe you. Know deep within you have it—all that you need.

More time—it is with you and stands still when you learn how to use it. The more you learn to remove distractions the more you learn to slow time. The largest distraction for humans is technology. It is designed to eat up your time if you allow it.

More Love—it is already with you—within you. If you allow it to flow freely from you to others and to yourself you will experience it in a full flow of abundance. You have only to look inside in this moment.

How do you do that you ask? We tell you to simply allow. Allow by quieting your mind and removing the old thought patterns.

Removal of the old thought patterns is simple to do---stop your usual distractions that keep you locked into the old ways of thinking and doing. You humans think escape is for a good reason at times. We tell you it is not. We tell you that the Now should be in your mind. We encourage you to make that your escape: the present moment.

We urge you to make the time at the beginning of your day a quiet inner time. Do not listen the to radio, television or any other sound. Do not converse with anyone until you have had your quiet awareness as it will set the tone of your day as well as set your boundaries energetically.

We wish to teach you about the present if you are ready—tell us and we will show each of you in the way that is best for you.

Your channeler has more to do today so we will stop here. It is with love honor and respect that we bring this message to you. The Masters of Light--Channeled through April D'Amato.

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