Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Magic is Yours Now

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to share a simple channel. This one was directed to me, but I am being prompted by my guides to share it with you all for in this message is a message for all of you too! Enjoy and boy is this a beautiful weather day in Connecticut!

Dear One,

It is time to use what you know, dear one. Your journey has brought you here to the place of magic and light. Your power is within you not from outside of you. It is magical at this time and only you know the truth of what is to be--do not get caught up in what others say and get stuck in their words and then ultimately in your thoughts. You know that which we speak of, dear child. The magic is yours now. Behold it is a new day. And we are by your side always, we will not leave your side nor will we let you falter for you have asked up to help you and that is what we must do. You know by the way you feel the choices are good for you or bad for you and that is not to say that your choices are good or bad, but in human terms you like to label things as good or bad. So going with that thought recognize how one choice over another makes you feel and not necessarily how you feel in the moment, but how you feel after. For that is the tale that will tell you how well you are choosing for your life's journey.

Be still in this moment and know we are with you all the way. Dear one, you didn't expect to add the little channel did you? We just felt it appropriate to give you a little more. Trust. Trust you as you know far beyond any question what is right for you. We love you and hold you in the highest respect for you are our sister.

We are your guides and we bring you light always.

Well, this is April back. I wasn't expecting that as they said and I didn't change a thing. What I was coming to write you all was the first six sentences because that is all I had, but I am an open channel and when I get to writing the channel opens more. Blessings to you today.

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