Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Q&A: What does Overpowering Activity in My Solar Plexus Mean?

I recently received a question from Facebook about Twinflames, and I felt answering it here would be helpful information for everyone, even those that are not on the twinflame journey. 

I had such intense and overwhelming sensations. Yesterday I felt almost over powered by the activity going on in my Solar Plexus. What does that mean if You're a Feminine Twin(if that matters) and feeling that?


To respond to your solar plexus question--there is a tug of war going on internally for both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  The energy is pushing each of us (each half of the couple) into their own self empowerment because that is what will bring us together--it may appear initially as if it is pulling us apart. I know for myself a long time I ago I was really afraid of moving forward and continuing my journey on because I was afraid I was leaving my twin behind, but the Archangels, my guide,s the Arcturian Masters of Light have helped me to know that the highest expression of myself is what gives my beloved the ability to see/feel/want to experience his highest expression for himself.  Much of this is not on a conscious level. It is a vibrational frequency.  When we hold our self back, we are amplifying that energy for our beloved too.  I hope this helps when you are feeling activity in your solar plexus know that there is massive change going on in there.   This is the chakra of divine will so you can imagine the energy transformation/resistance/fear/healing that is taking place in there, especially for the twinflame who is still riding out the energy of 3D and not completely understanding their role, ascension, mission. For them, they have really dipped into and bought the idea that the old paradigm is real and some are even clinging to it even tighter than before.  While changes are happening all around them, these twins may be fearing loss of control in their lives, feeling unstable, facing unexpected changes which you can imagine creates a flow of unsteady energy in the lower physical chakras. 

This is a powerful chakra and perhaps, 
you will want to use one or all of these
affirmations when you feeling this energy.  

By the way, when I was struggling with whether I continue to ascend and "move away" from where my twinflame was at energetically, my guides and angels have often reminded me that as twinflames, you are never apart--it is only in physical appearance and a limited belief system that allows you to feel the separation.  They also often confirmed for me, and still do, that I should not worry that I will be beyond him because he will jump to where I am energetically.  I can honestly say that I have seen him transform a lot, particularly in the last two years--in ways that I would have thought impossible.  And it happened without me coaching/reminding/controlling him--it happened because my focus was on me and raising my frequency, and in essence, he did too (perhaps without conscious awareness). 

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