Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Channel: Shine, Shine Shine

Dear Children of the light,

It is your time. You are here for the awakening for the earth. Your souls are ready. Are you ready dear ones? It is time to step out of the box that you have let yourself be guided in to. The earth is calling you forth to help her heal and bring about the changes in 
this world that are necessary. It is time to shine so brightly that people will stop and stare at you. Your fellow humans will be in awe of the beauty you exude when you walk upon the earth in light and in love. You are the ones you have been waiting for.  It is with love that we bring forward a message for your spirits. Shine Shine Shine. It is now that you are the beauty of all  there is . We love you dear children. It is painful for you to undergo the shifts from time to time, but we promise you that you will look back upon this time as it was well worth it;  to bring you to the next place. It is the time that the light will bring with it the blueprint of the new earth.  Did you know that you are getting a new earth? Well it is here ready and waiting for you.  It is now that you will see all that you have been waiting for all that you have worked for and all that you are manifesting. It is now that the light will shine so bright that even the darkened areas of your planet will begin to glow. 

The world is ready for this, are you each ready individually? We know the answer collectively is yes, and we applaud your choice and effort.  At this time we ask you, the beloved ground crew of light,  that is instrumental in the changes taking place on your planet,  to step up into your truth.  You have been in the dress rehearsal in the times coming up to this point on your planet, but now dear ones, the time has come and the dress rehearsal is over—it is now time for you to take center stage in the light and be who you are meant to be on this planet, in this timeline and dimension.  You have come to awaken all of humanity from the very slumber and malcontent it has so grown accustomed to.   

What is your role you ask?  It is to stand up for what you believe in, it is to leave the relationship, job, location that you have been feeling trapped in, it is all the things that your soul longs for, but your human ego has learned to feel restrained by . Again, you ask, how does that determine my role?  Well dear ones, perhaps leaving, changing and transforming is your role?  The quickest most productive way to raise your vibration is to leave circumstances that keep you in lower vibration.   When your vibration raises, it not only affects those around you, but the whole planet and its inhabitants.  So we say to you once again, shine, shine, shine.  It is time.  As more and more of you raise in vibration, you assist the planet to raise in vibration ultimately making it impossible to have the low vibrations near you such as fear, hate, anger, violence and more.  We wish to assist you in bringing in more light to you, your planet and its inhabitants, but we need you to make that possible for us by learning to overcome your fears of love, blocks to truth and  releasing patterns and behaviors that keep you stuck.   Know that we are always here ready to assist dear ones.

We are the Arcturian Masters of Light.  

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