Thursday, September 18, 2014

Poem: Wildfire

Several Years ago, I wrote a poem for my twinflame because our connection was so strong and pulled me into places within myself that I never knew existed. Our connection has only expanded and filled my life with so much more than words can say.  I was prompted to read the poem tonight, and it brought me back to the day I wrote it.  The flame within me is completely lit up and awaiting his flame so we can set the world on fire with our love.  

I was prompted by my higher self to share this with all of you.  May you enjoy it and feel love's warmth from within your soul.


Your love is like a wildfire
Your passion takes me higher and higher
To a place I have never known
One I could never achieve alone

I can only ask is it real or just a fantasy to help me feel
Then the answer is always clear
I feel you even though you are not there
I feel your touch even without you near
I feel your whisper softly in my ear
I feel your breath upon my neck
I feel your kiss upon my lips
I feel you in every second of everyday

I feel your love like a wildfire
Spreading over me with passion’s fire
Moving me higher and higher

Take me I shout
Don’t shut me out
For our love is real
It’s all what we feel
For if we allow passion’s desire to spread
Then we will come alive
But if we let it pass
We will never know this is meant to last

Awaken I sigh to love’s warm high
For you know as I do
On this day there is nothing more to say
For it is a new love for me and you.

April Ann D'Amato
June 11, 2006

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