Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Message about Suicide/Assisted Suicide

Question of the Day:  Message about Suicide/Assisted Suicide from one of my clients.  I received permission to share this information with you all as we both thought it may be helpful.


 Hi, April! Happy Spring (almost)! I am interested to know your take, from your intuitive perspective and info from your guides...is there spiritual harm to the "assisted suicide" for people with terminal illness? I feel like we are infinite beings having a human experience in a body, etc. Perhaps we chose to enter that body at a particular time, and perhaps we can choose to leave it when the way we choose??? I don't necessarily think that we are alive so we can suffer. I've read famous psychic authors who have said that they've sensed/experienced the Spirits of those who have committed suicide, and it was a feeling of overwhelming despair...isn't it possible that what they felt was how the person felt before committing the act? I don't buy into the religious arguments... I am very curious as to what you may have experienced or been informed by your guides on this...? Love and Health to you. ~ Kelly


Hi Kelly,Thanks for reaching out to me about your question. I do not agree with others that say the overwhelming despair they feel from a soul who has committed suicide--that is the human ego placing something upon it...perhaps their own judgment based on world religious beliefs. And perhaps some truth to what you suggest in regards to picking up on how the person was before they left this plane. Often when someone commits suicide that is in essence how they feel.My belief and experience tells me that ALL souls (there is no exception) are welcomed home when they pass over in the same way. I believe once we cross over there is a "debriefing" time for souls to clear/disconnect/heal/recover (we all go through this process suicide or not) so that we can review our life upon the Earth Plane.I believe the only "harm" that can be caused is the guilt/feelings associated with someone who is helping a soul to pass such as in assisted suicide.  That is because of the human feelings we have while in physical bodies.  As souls, we know all is love.  My feeling is that it would be another "life experience" imprinted upon their DNA and may be something for them to work through in this life before moving on and/or something to address in a future lifetime--I believe it depends upon the soul's contracts/journey of this lifetime as to whether or not they are "ready" to address those feelings/guilt/shame/etc.As for the soul itself, I believe there are opt out points along the journey that we choose to take or not. It is not something we are consciously aware of, but something that our higher self/spirit knows. If someone is not meant to go at that point, then I believe they would not go.I hope this covers your question and helps to answer it.Love and light, EstaRa

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