Sunday, December 25, 2011

Namaste, Happy Hannukah & Merry Christmas

Inspirational Snippet
Today's Message is about gratitude. Last evening I spent a holiday dinner with friends, it was wonderful and I felt so blessed to have shared a special time with my friend and her family. They were all so warm and welcoming it meant so much to me. It made for the perfect evening really. I walked out to the car and saw the sky--it was magnificent. The stars certainly put on a show for us last night--I couldn't stop looking so I didn't. As I drove home, I got the feeling that I needed to go to the beach (I live not even 5 minutes away). I drove to the beach and stargazed for about a half hour. Yes, it was cold out last night in the 20's to be exact, but who noticed? I was amongst the stars.

When I finished stargazing, I lit my menorah for the 5th night of Hannukah, with my Christmas Tree all aglow and sat down to write a list of all that I am grateful for specifically over the last year because in case you do not know, I have lots to be grateful for this year (including knowing each one of you). My writing lasted an hour or so it included letting some friends know how much they mean to me too. I wrote until I felt satisfied that everything I needed to put on the list was there then I went to sleep and had the most peaceful sleep. I woke up this morning thinking of all the things that I am grateful for and forgot to add to my list. (Looks like I may have some more writing to do today!) I am and feel so blessed this year; the beautiful thing is that the blessings do continue. I wish for each of you to feel that which I am feeling deep gratitude for your lives, experiences and relationships (good and bad as they teach us lessons we so wanted to learn before we came here). Know that in the vibration of gratitude everything is possible even the things you think seem unattainable becomes a vision that can be attained.

My suggestion to all of you is that before you can plan how you would like the new year to be, I say to you that you first need to see the beauty of the last year and find your gratitude for it for that is the vibration I wish for you to start with in the coming year. Blessings to you my soul friends. Namaste, Happy Hannukah & Merry Christmas.

In gratitude and love,
Esta Ra

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