Friday, July 9, 2010

Meditation in the Gulf

It is Saturday afternoon, July 3rd, and I join others in a call to heal the earth. I belong to a monthly group who sends healing into Mother Earth. I have never done this specific meditation anywhere other than in Middletown, CT.

I truly believe it was by no accident that I am here in Fort Myers Beach, Florida (the Gulf side) for this meditation. I had just come in from the swimming pool and truly it was probably the first time in years that I had the opportunity to swim in a pool with no one in it...amazing and you get to be a kid too. I have to say this trip has definitely brought out the kid in me and boy do I love it!! Maybe that is what I am supposed to do while I am here.

Okay, back to the meditation. So I decided to lay down for this meditation. As it began I felt waves of light (energy) going out the sides of my body in both directions like continuous radio waves as I began to go deeper into the meditation. I felt my eyes closed so I opened them in the meditative state and felt me swimming and realized I was in the ocean. I felt something around me and I looked on either side of me and discovered that I was swimming along side dolphins. Then I looked down at me, I too, was a dolphin. It was so powerful and beautiful. Here I am swimming with dolphins I thought along the coastline of the beach. As we swam out the back of us, we trailed gold light up and down and around the coast of the North American Continent, but continued on to trail gold light along the coast of every continent on earth. It was so amazing and completely beautiful.

Then, everything seemed to go black like darkness it wasn't the brilliance of the ocean any longer. I heard a voice speaking in a language that I did not recognize nor could make out. Then I realized that voice was coming from me. (I hadn't a clue as to what I said, but I could feel like I was conversing with someone and it felt appropriate.) Then as I feel like I visited somewhere else--home perhaps? I couldn't tell you as I don't remember, I just remember I came back.

As I came back into my body to ground, I felt myself developing roots. Now usually when we ground we are standing and the visual of my roots are from my feet or if we are sitting the visual is from the base of my spine, but I was laying on my bed and the roots came out of each and everyone of my chakras. I felt portals of light pour through the front part of my body out the back part of my body onto my bed into the floor and floors of this building I am staying in down into the earth beneath us and it poured down, but as it hit the earth it spread outward North, South, East & West. It felt absolutely incredible as I began to come back. I felt me anchor my light to Fort Myers Beach...I felt it was the reason I came here.

Now, the next day there was a storm that poured through here that I felt the light I poured in brought it upon us due to the incredible outpouring of love and light that was anchored into the earth. It was the most incredible feeling. Now you may say they were expecting thunderstorms, but I have on high authority that what happened was just what was needed and I helped it. It feels good to know that I am doing my part upon the earth even if I do it kicking and screaming sometimes too!

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