Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April: A New Beginning...

It's April and the Sun is shining out my window...what a beautiful sight to behold--Spring truly has arrived here in Connecticut. I spent the morning outside eating breakfast, journaling and grounding my goals for the day ahead and it is so welcoming to hear the birds singing, the chipmunks scampering around and the sun sparkling above. Mother Earth is shouting...Spring is can hear her voice when you look around to see that everything is blooming!!

Don't forget to celebrate Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd by sending a little love to Mother Earth or "going a little greener".

With the blooming of spring, so too comes renewed beautiful minds fresh with possibilities and growth opportunities. Won't you let one in?

Why not make every day a new day for you? Wipe the slate clean each night before going to bed. When you wake up each morning start anew and see the numerous possibilities as they lay before you

So this brings me to this month's affirmation....

Every moment is a new beginning for me.

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