Monday, March 8, 2010

GROUNDING: Remaining in balance when the world is in Chaos

Remaining in balance when the world seems to be in chaos is always a challenge, but with the new energy shifts causing waves of change can make it difficult at best. So much is happening energetically at this time on our planet that means it is impacting us on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It doesn't mean that the world we live in is chaos--it only appears that way. Everything is perception. If you wish to see chaos then you will see chaos. If you wish to see light then you will see light.

Yes there are shifts that are causing the remaining people on our planet to wake up or continue their awakening...the ones who have chosen to be here for the new earth...did you know we are living in the new earth? Living in the new earth is causing some discomfort because while our energy is adapting to the energetic shifts our human self still has remaining attachment to the way things were. Good, Bad or Indifferent, unfortunately sometimes the attachment is there and it takes a persistent being to let it go.

How can we remain balanced when one minute we feel like we have made changes and moved forward and then in the next minute we are pulled back to old stuff that we get stuck in? How can we remain balanced in when it seems everything in our world appears to be in constant struggle?

It is during these times that I feel it is really important to get back to the basics and the first and foremost thing is to maintain your grounding. Grounding is the practice of connecting yourself to the core of Mother Earth and is often the first step taught in many spiritual practices, but I feel it is one of the most important things to learn. There are many ways to ground your energy. One of my favorite ways is to send roots down from the soles of your feet into Mother Earth and draw up beautiful energy of love from the earth. Some people send a cord or a light beam from the base of their spine into the core of the earth. Another one of my favorites is to actually spend time in nature and hug a tree. I laugh as I write that because for many years I was called a Tree Hugger by one of my friends (mind you I hadn't hugged a tree at that point). Then one day, about 4 years ago now, I went hiking with a friend and I saw a tree on my path and thought to myself how awesome is that--I feel compelled to hug this tree. I literally put my arms around the tree and my hands felt magnetized like they needed to stay there. The tree spoke to me and said, "Your journey has been long and hard, let me renew you." It was incredible as I felt a rush of energy wipe clean my energy. Later that day, I quickly called my friend and said, "hey you can now really call me a tree hugger!"

A daily practice of grounding will help you bring the changes you wish to see in your life come to fruition. It will also help you to release the energetic changes occurring in and around you to the earth for recycling and renewal. It will also allow Mother Earth to feed your spirit much needed love and healing.

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