Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Energy Thoughts: Toasted Marshmallow Anyone?

Hello Beautiful Peeps of the World,

Do you feel it?  Do you feel the pull of your beautiful soul to find what/who/where you love?  Do you feel  the pull of your soul pulling you to discover your own happiness? Well, you are not alone.  Do you feel confused, uncertain, uncomfortable or doutbful?  Well, you are not alone either.  Whether you feel one or the other or both, dear ones you are feeling the massive wave of energy building momentum to change your world.  We are in a time of great transformation and this is the only life you will live as the being you are now, what will you do with this knowledge? What will you remember?

"We are here to assist you during this time to discover what it is you love, and we say that out of all the things you love, we hope you include you in that as well.   It is the time of heart-centered living and you have been undergoing so many lessons to bring you to the heart center that you are. It is what holds all your magnificence and beauty as a human.   It is also the place in which  you create your future."~Arcturian Masters of Light

So, the other day I was describing to my friends what this energy felt like and it feels marshmallow-y.  Yep, marshmallow-y! (and to those of you who recently heard me talk about fluffer-nutter sandwiches and how it was such a treat as a child, that was not my motivation for this description.  Nor was the facebook post the next day, where someone actually asked about fluffer-nutter sandwiches. I promise that is not the reason I am choosing a marshmallow to describe this energy.)  We are in a week of massive energy shift after coming off a week of massive energy. It is just time of massive energy shifting!  We are entering fully into the   But if you turn up the heat, the fluffy marshmallow actually alters shape permanently.  Inside, it is still a marshmallow, but a brand new look/exterior is created.  This analogy speaks volumes of our time here on the planet now.  The heat is being turned up, on each and every one of us, to create a new version of ourselves, literally from the solar flares to the beginning of eclipse season.  Prepare yourself to undergo a major transformation in the coming weeks. If you haven't noticed, then you may have noticed feeling vulnerable, exhausted, stressed or the feeling of time running out.  However you experience, you have undergone or perhaps are undergoing some toasting or your "marshmallow" self. hahaha
eclipse/equinox/new moon zone...does anybody know what that means? It means change and intensity.   Now, let's go back to the marshmallow.  Think of that fluffy, mushy food.   You can pinch it and push and it will pop back into place.   That is what the universe has been doing to us for several years now, (pinching and pushing) but with a little more force since 2012.

Dear Ones, you are at the end of a cycle both individually and globally.  The time has come for you to experience the new beginnings that so many of you have longed for.  Watch as you let go of the old ways and beliefs that have persisted on the planet, change will arrive and you warriors of the light are the ones making the way.  You are creating with each and every thought you hold deep inside of your heart and soul.  At this time on your planet, it is a time of merging where your heart and soul speak the same language.  ~Arcturian Masters of Light

The energy of this Equinox represents not only the merging of masculine and feminine energies, but the merging of your heart and soul's reality into the physical realm.  Yes, let me explain that--, in other words, it is time!  I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this collision, I mean merging to happen.  What does that mean?  It means that everything you have so patiently waited for will begin to show up in your physical world, if it hasn't happened already begun.  There are so many of you who know exactly what I mean and I am sure there are some of you just beginning to understand how the energy operates (those of you just beginning to understand--be sure to read through my blog for previous Energy Thoughts.). The collision, I mean merging, is going to happen in all directions of your life.  Change doesn't happen in a vacuum.  For example, let's say you make one decision to move to a new place. Does that only impact where you sleep at night?  No, of course not.  It impacts every aspect of your life, including people, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, etc.  So back to the transformation of humanity, look out because change is coming, even if you don't expect it! This merging will be welcomed by many of us that have been living/walking/breathing the talk for several years, but there are still some not expecting it.  Some of those people have been hiding from the heat, trying to avoid their “marshmallow” from transforming.  Well, the beauty of this time is that no one will get by unchanged, we will all be the better for it.

Over the next several years, we expect humanity to get comfortable with the ever-changing nature of their reality.  It has always been this way, but there have been those in powerful places trying to keep the ever-changing nature of reality a secret.   The secret is out dear ones, you are the creators and as you change so too does what you create. We are with you to assist during this time of change. ~Arcturian Masters of the Light

I came across an astrology snippet that said that this time on the planet is bringing to a close what began for each individual's journey back in 2008. Where were you then?  What was happening in your life?  Carefully think back to that year where, perhaps upheaval happened, especially for you spiritual beings that are  pathpavers/wayshowers/frontrunners.  Or maybe you were someone not yet on their spiritual path, but something occurred that year that made you question who you are, what you are doing here that started an unraveling process in your life. Whatever the case may be, this part of the cycle is completing.  There is no more dress rehearsal, you are getting ready to live out loud.  That means with the advent of this Equinox-expect huge changes to reveal themselves to you over the next several weeks to months.  Be open to see them.

I will stop here for now because I have been trying to get this message out to you all since last week, but I hurt my wrist and typing was the last thing I wanted to do.  So I will end here, but my suggestion for this equinox is to spend it in ceremony with others of like-mind or quietly connect to events that you are not able to participate in with a candle to represent your light.  It is really important to remember why you are here and what you are meant to do.  This is the time the remembrances will show up--soul remembrances that is.  We are putting our human past behind us, but remembering our soul's truth.

With love and blessings,

PS If you are local, I am hosting and equinox ceremony on Saturday, March 21 at 2 p.m....check out my website to find out the or contact me.

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©

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