Sunday, June 19, 2011

Portal at Karnack

We are now given time to walk around the temple for about an hour. This temple was truly amazing as has been the whole trip thus far. Here I am walking around the temple to different areas. I took pictures of the columns to give you and idea of height. Really, there is no way that humans alone were able to construct such a magnificent piece of art.

I was walking around with Carole and Sopdet Ra. I really loved what I was seeing. I could feel the immense energy from each place within this temple. (Mind you though, I had to pee like I often have to do. It is kind of driving me a little crazy not having a real bathroom---I am going to go home and truly appreciate a clean toilet seat...I think I now know why people call the toilet a "porcelain God". hahaha Okay so I may be getting a bit carried away, but nonetheless appreciate American bathrooms--even dirty ones--believe me they are still many steps above an Egyptian bathroom.)

Here is a wall relief of some kind of healing cleansing taking place at Karnack.
It was amazing to see this depiction on the wall.

This temple had amazing obelisks in them. They were so powerful to look at. And just looking at them you can feel the energy.

Just beyond the obelisks, I found myself being drawn to this opening that felt like a doorway to me. I unfortunately did not take a picture of it. I kept getting pulled to it. It was at the complete other end of the Karnack complex. The tourist entrance was at the other end of which seemed like miles away. As we walked closer, I connected with the stones that were right near this doorway. I distinctly felt that this was the entrance and I could see how it was portal. As I connected a little more I saw that when people entered the complex here, once they passed through this doorway it acted as a portal into a different dimension. Once "members" passed through it they were able to access multiple dimensions at this place. It was incredibly powerful. While I was able to connect with this energy, the way we "humans" have established the complex here at the temple, the main gateway to multidimensionality is not easily accessible by people arriving at Karnack because the entrance is at the opposite end of the complex.


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