Sunday, October 6, 2013

Channeled Message: Archangel Chamuel Open Your Heart to Twinflame Union

Hi Everyone,

I have two friends that I do monthly meditation with here in CT.   Friday night, night was quite powerful, not to mention, it was also the New Moon.  AMAZING energy!   

We sat down and immediately Chamuel and Charity appeared as did Magdalene and Yeshua. I felt so honored and loved.  I was sitting in the portal that I created when I first moved here into this place.  I have not sat there since before my car accident, but my friends moved the chair over to the portal. The energy inside there was so intense.  We were about to ground together and I said I had to stop because Chamuel wanted to speak.  

He came through me and spoke in a matter of fact manner--here is the message that I remember:
            Greetings dear souls.

 I am Archangel Chamuel and I am here with my  beloved Charity.   We congratulate you for you have come so far on this path of love to union with your beloveds.  It is time.  You are in the process of reuniting.    There has never been a more opportune time on this planet than now for twinflames to reunite with their beloved other halves.  Your love is needed on this earth to open the hearts of many.  But first, you must open your hearts and keep them open particularly to your beloved.   Dear ones, you hold the love for your beloved to come to.  Trust and have faith in their ability to transcend their present reality.  

EstaRa will be teaching you a chant that is helpful in opening your heart to the divine love in your beloved. We ask you to sing this to your beloved in light.  (The chant Chamuel is referring to is:  OM  PARAMA  PREMA  RUPAYA  NAMAHA Translation:Salutations to Divine Love in a form that I can recognize.  Inner Connection: I bow to the divine love made manifest in "your twinflame's name”.)  This will connect you to the heart of your beloved. 

It is imperative that you pull your beloved to you.    We would suggest to you to have something as a reminder to connect with your beloved.  When you see this, it will be a reminder to you to think of your beloved for a few moments.  For example: of a memory, a thought or a feeling of your beloved.  This will pull your beloved to you because while they may not comprehend it on a human level; etherically they are receiving your message.  It will show up for them in a way that it will help them re-member who they are and give them the push to move forward.   Just as it often happens to you, by way of their thinking of you.

Finally we wish to say to you to remove all doubt that this union will happen; it is written in your DNA to reunite with your beloved other half.   

I am Chamuel and Charity.

Then, we did the chant that Chamuel recommended and felt our hearts open.  
At the end of the mantra, I was completely intoxicated with love. I mean OH MY GOD--I was in love with love.  I had a vision of me and my twinflame in our home dancing in our backyard under the sun of a beautiful day. It was so powerful and amazing.  I highly recommend chanting and mantras. 
Then our meditative work began as we one by one did what we were guided to do.

We finished and I have to admit that I was tired; I hadn't slept well the night before.  Magdalena and Yeshua came to speak as well and I allowed them to come through, but was not able to remember the channeled message.  So in my next blog post I will post a conversation with Yeshua and Magdalene.


  1. Hi there,
    Am I able to meditate and say that chant to be able to have the same effect? I am very interested in doing what I can to have my twin flame reconnect with me. Also please confirm what part of the chant is said and what I say or do after. That part has me a little confused.
    Many thanks,
    Amanda :) :)

    1. Hello Amanda,

      Absolutely you can chant that!! I am not sure exactly what you will experience, but I can tell you that you will definitely connect with your beloved etherically.
      The chant you will say: OM PARAMA PREMA RUPAYA NAMAHA Deva Premal has a great version of this on Youtube. Simply connect with your twin by name. If you would like more information or some help with this twinflame journey, please feel free to contact me directly at Many blessings and happy union!