Saturday, December 21, 2013

Inspirational Snippet: Happy Solstice!

This is the first year I am not able to fully celebrate the Solstice with my beautiful, love-filled community of light family.  Happy Solstice Everyone!  I've not been able to channel because when it is convenient for my guides, I'm usually off to a doc appointment or such.  Yesterday, I started to channel, but had to go so I am sharing the message from yesterday's Facebook Message.  The car accident has truly interfered with my life, but I promise you that I do believe there will soon be an end to it all and it will be back to EstaRa--no longer April.  It's been a mixed blessing this car accident and has brought up a lot of "April" energy--meaning my past, but I do believe it is for final clearing and release so I am grateful.  I welcome EstaRa back fully in the coming year-for that is the most powerful aspect of me--April is a soul piece while EstaRa encompasses my whole soul.  I bring all of this up as we are nearing the end of the year of 2013 because I know there are many that have had life changing experiences as well since 12-21-2012 and you didn't think anything happened on that day, hmmm.   It ended the old paradigm which has been held up on a weak foundation throughout this past year, many holes have been poked and prodded into the foundation. This is one things I was able to truly see; the clash of old paradigm with the new during this past year.  I am the new, I live the new and I shall promote the new paradigm.  The accident brought to the forefront for me the ability to ask for help, speak my truth and choose to remain in my authenticity even up against a system (s) that is anything but authentic and true. In return, I received the confirmation of what I learned in the past: the knowledge that I am loved, worthy and perfect as I am.  This was one of my major lessons this year and I have to say that I am truly grateful for it--while I am still undergoing it--I do have faith and believe that all will be well.  Please take a moment to look at your life and where you do not feel authenticity/love/empowerment/peace/harmony/truth then it is time for you to change that.  The universe will show you with the energy of this Solstice if it has not already done so.  And onto the message for today:

Today's message: As you give yourself permission to shine your light in your everyday life in your everyday relationships in your everyday living so too do you give permission for everyone else to shine their light, particularly those in your closest circles. During this time of this Solstice, shed the skin of the past, shed the darkness that you've been in entrapped in, and allow yourself to shine by living your truth, embracing who you really are letting go of the struggle you've been living in, stepping out of what no longer serves you and stepping into the manifestation of your truth. This solstice energy is about giving yourself permission to be who you are, live how you choose, love who you want and manifesting the miracles that are your dreams. ~EstaRa

My wish for you is to Shine your light and Share your love!!

Love to you,

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