Thursday, August 25, 2016

Energy Thoughts: The TIme for The Impossible Becoming Possible is Coming

Hello Everyone...

Update I am on vacation, I'm not sure I mentioned that to you all. I am away in The Hamptons on vacation. A dear friend invited me to join her on a quiet time away for the week. I do not have phone service where I am -shocking isn't it? You would think in the Hamptons that would be unacceptable, huh? lol I feel this is the universe's idea for me to step away from all the craziness of my life and just be quiet and free.

I apologize I have not read my notifications and emails as of yet, but had a few things I wanted to share:
So resting and vacationing with no phone access is quite magical--almost the first true vacation I have had in a long time.  Over the last few weeks I have been getting so many messages, but have not had the time to write and quite honestly I am on vacation and just want to relax and stay away from technology, but I felt some of these messages need to get out there. 

Last full moon, I posted a message and photo of the moon onto Soul Star Healing's Fan Page on Facebook. (great tool for some short, frequent messaging--subscribe today at the link above), and it looked more like a painting than the real thing. It was quite interesting and it me made me recognize the illusions that we (collectively) have all been living under. What illusions you may ask? That our government has the best interests of their people in mind. That the news media is always reporting the truth. That we are not slaves to the system that we participated in creating. Just to name a few.

I recognized in this instant (I've recognized it before many times--but have forgotten or lost sight due to life circumstances) I am part of something bigger--I am part of the change in humanity's consciousness, change in the direction of our physical earth and our planet's and its inhabitants ascension. My role is not only critical, but instrumental in changing the planet, as is your role, as is each and every one of us. We each have the piece of the puzzle necessary--not one of us is more important and not one of us is less important than another. Each of us equally brings in this unique quality necessary to break through all of the illusions that we have been living under. Humanity has been suppressed, oppressed and pushed aside by greed, power and fear. It is in our power as a people and member of this planet and star system to bring about change that will influence lives to come. We are the ones we have been waiting for. (that phrase, line has been so over used I know, but there is no other appropriate way to say it.)

I know as a twinflame my role is instrumental in bringing about the true concepts of Divine Unconditional Love and Relationships, bringing into balance Divine Feminine Energy and Divine Masculine Energy, and present to the world an alternative way of viewing roles of males and females as well as to clear the karmic patterning and programming that has been promulgated throughout our society.

I will leave this point here for you all to are the most important reason for being here now at this time. Do not think small, do not give up, do not pass go without collecting your rightful power as a creator.  In the meantime, I wish you all magical times ahead...this energy is one we have been waiting to see come into reality and it is here. What will you do with it? What is your role? Just some questions to ask yourself as you go about your day. 

While out here on vacation,  I have had all kinds of messages and signs that we are moving into a timeline where the impossible will be possible. Pretty much echoing what I was feeling at the last full moon.  Please hold onto your faith about the world you wish to live in and create.  I was sitting outside by the pool and a baby bee landed right on me and was hovering around, but I didn't feel threatened like I would get stung (and believe me I usually do because I am allergic to bees).  If you know the totem for bees, simpy put by www.linsdomain,com is: Fertility, the Honey of Life (sweetness of life), Accomplishing the Impossible.  Please note that this is in relation to your own personal life as well as political/global life.  And yes, for Bernie Sanders supporters--Lightworkers for Bernie are really using this energy to manifest magic. Don't give up--and don't count him out yet!

 Finally and more importantly, a few days ago I received a message about the next few weeks.   We are entering a dark period in this timeline so hold onto your seats lots of upheaval/fear/triggers are coming your way.  I was told that we would be moving through some heavy, dark energies providing ample opportunities for us to get caught up in them, and oh yes Mercury will be going into Retrograde on the 30th.  This is an energetic trap so to speak so the best way to ride through this wave over the next weeks is to stay as  high vibe and frequency as possible. This is part of the closing of some timeslines, but also part of the opening up of new timelines. Do whatever helps you to stay high vibe: pull away from negative situations, even if means leaving social media, quiet your mind, use sound and something my guides brought to my attention recently was using my Rose Essential Oil in the morning and before I go to bed. This is because Rose Essential Oil is high frequency and will help you anchor that frequency as well as divine love energy in you.   What a great use for Rose Essential Oil and the bonus--it will help make you smell beautiful !  My final thought--we have to learn to navigate through the darkness of the next several weeks---it may be trying at times, but all the messages I keep getting are that it is possible and just do whatever raises your frequency and vibration and keeps you high vibe.

Okay--that is all I wanted to share and I know it was somewhat rushed and likely I have typos--but the thing is I want to go outsdie and I don't want my technology to follow me. hahaha

Enjoy your day beloved beings of light--You are beautiful. You are perfect.  You are loveable.

EstaRa April 

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